Strategic Planning

JayMcGowanWhen we unveiled Vision 2020 in 2005, we encountered our share of skeptics. While great advancements had been made over the course of Bellarmine’s 55-year history, there had never been a single plan of such magnitude, with such expansive reach: “the premier independent Catholic university in the South, and thereby the leading private university in the Commonwealth and region.” Really?

Yes, really. As you can see in the pages you’ve just read, we at Bellarmine University have every reason to believe in the ultimate realization of our Vision. Building upon the strong foundation laid in 1950, we are well into the most transformational phase of our history. Eight years in, we have made phenomenal progress, and the momentum continues to build.

This growth and momentum pull us forward into vital opportunities and urgent needs – for more classrooms, updated technology, faculty offices and collaborative spaces for students.

We will achieve the goals of Vision 2020 because we must. And not just for our students’ futures, but for the successful future of our city, our state and our region.

We need your support. In October 2011, we began the public phase of a $100 million capital campaign. We must complete this campaign by 2016 to implement our planned programming and capital improvements. That means we must bring in $9 million in each of the next four fiscal years.

Challenging? Yes. But we are up to the challenge. I ask you now to partner with us. Imagine what Vision 2020 will mean not just to Bellarmine University but to our community, our state and our region, and help us to complete this historic and absolutely vital transformation for the benefit of this generation and generations to come.

Joseph J. McGowan
President, Bellarmine University


  • Celebrate our Catholic identity in the inclusive Thomas Merton spirity as the foundation of our commitment to student fulfillment, global consciousness, and environmental sustainability
  • Establish and sustain a climate of excellence throughout the university
  • Integrate an international focus and sensibility into all curricular and co-curricular programs
  • Create a sustainable future for our region, nation, and world through an abiding respect for nature, through interdisciplinary environment education, and through moral leadership grounded in our Catholic heritage
  • Improve the human condition through service to our community, region, nation, and world
  • Enhance our reputation, expand our market, and dramatically grow our enrollment
  • Develop our financial, physical, and human resources to the level required to achieve our vision for the new Bellarmine University