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Master of Science in Digital Media

The Master of Science in Digital Media introduces the tools and theory of the complex and ever-changing world of digital communication. This dynamic program features hands-on learning and small group work in a mentoring academic environment, leading to tool acquisition and professional development for media professionals. Students in the Master of Science in Digital Media program will create, evaluate and utilize contemporary tools of communication, and they will explore digital innovations and breakthrough technologies that are changing the way we do business.

Students study the practical application of digital media, ethical communication in a culturally diverse workplace, media convergence and its impact on the workplace, and strategies for utilizing media more effectively. The curriculum includes 18 hours of required courses plus 3 hours of MBA elective credit with options for the remaining 9 hours to complete the degree. Of the remaining 9 hours, students will take three topics courses or take a combination of a topics course, thesis and/or an independent study. Topics courses will vary by semester and the specialty of the faculty member instructing the course.

The Master of Science in Digital Media program is designed to accommodate both full-time students and working professionals. Full-time students will enroll in the fall term and take four courses in the fall and spring terms, followed by two courses over the summer. Part-time students may enroll in the spring or fall terms, and will take one or two courses per term until they've completed the 10-course program.

At Bellarmine University, we value real-world experience and applied problem-solving. As a result, we require students in the program to gain practical experience via projects and/or professional work experience.

Program Outcomes

The learning outcomes for the Master of Science in Digital Media are:

  1. Students will demonstrate through critical thinking and hands-on projects, the application of digital media and technologies in a global and diverse workplace.
  2. Students will demonstrate the ability to use contemporary tools and apply theories of digital media practice.
  3. Students will evaluate the production and dissemination of digital media from multiple ethical and legal perspectives.

It is expected that all Masters students in the School of Communication are aware of the program’s Academic Honesty Policy, which appears on each syllabus and is also located here.

Early Entry Dual Enrollment

This program offers an opportunity for all undergraduate students to complete their undergraduate degree (BA or BS degree) along with a Master of Science in Digital Media in four and a half to five years. Students who meet admission requirements (grade point average of at least 3.2 and pre-requisite scores of B or higher in PHIL 101 and MATH 200 or 205) may be admitted to the MSDM program in the second semester of their junior year and begin taking graduate-level classes at the beginning of their senior year. The MSDM courses take the place of up to 12 credits of undergraduate free, unrestricted, elective credits.

Health Care Concentration

Concentrations are not required for the Master of Science in Digital Media. However, students can elect to complete a Health Communication Concentration in the MSDM by choosing three elective courses below:

  • HLTH 602 Communication & Technology in Health – every spring 
  • HTLH 631 Health Behavior Theory – every summer or fall
  • HLTH 635 Designing & Planning Health Promotion Programs – every fall
  • HLTH 637 Program Evaluation & Statistics – every spring
  • COMM 644 Internship (Healthcare Comm focus)

Tuition and Fees

The Masters of Science in Digital Media is a 10-course, 30 credit hour program that can be completed as a full-time or part-time student.

Visit our Graduate Tuition Rates for the most up-to-date tuition and fees information. Books and classroom supplies are additional expenses.

Funding Assistance

As a degree seeking student in the MSDM program, students should be eligible for federally supported forms of student aid. Financial aid questions should be directed to the Financial Aid Office at Bellarmine University ( or 502.272.7300).


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