Bellarmine Bound Frequently Asked Questions

What if I lose my one.bellarmine login information?

If you lose your one.bellarmine login information and you have never been on the student portal before (or never changed your password) check your Admitted Student Portal in the Bellarmine Credentials section. If you have logged in before and have changed your password already, call the Technology Support Center 502.272.8301 and they can reset it for you. 

When and how do I get my Bellarmine ID made?

You will receive your ID as part of orientation.

When do I get my parking sticker?

Your parking pass/sticker will be available for pick up during orientation. 

How do I get you information about my AP/IB/dual credit courses?

In order to receive credit for you AP and IB courses, have the test results sent to us, just like you do for ACT or SAT tests. For dual credit courses we will need an official transcript sent to us from the institutions the dual credit is coming from.

When will I get my housing assignment and roommate?

Mid-June housing assignments and roommate information is completed, so expect it then. If you would like to change something on your housing application before you receive this, please call Residence Life at 502.272.7272.

Can I come and take a look at my room over the summer?

Unfortunately we have camps going on during the summer, so we cannot promise you can see your exact room but we do have showrooms, that we use for our tours, for each hall so you can get a good idea of what your room will look like. Also there are pictures posted on the Admission’s Facebook page and on BU’s website.

As a commuter, is there anything I need to be doing differently?

Not at all, resident and commuters have the exact same things to check off and complete, except for the Residence Life application. 

What do I do if I change my major or need to change my class schedule over the summer?

Call the Student Success Center at 502.272.7400. They can change your major or alter your schedule for you. They will also provide you with advice on the best classes to take.