The history department has faculty with expertise in European, Russian, Middle Eastern, African, American, Latin American, and Caribbean History. Our history faculty provide opportunities for students to study in various parts of the world as part of their major.

Fedja Buric, Ph.D

BA - Bellarmine University
Ph.D. - University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

  • Teaching fields: modern European history, Eastern European history, Balkans, genocide, nationalism
  • Research Interests: 20th century Bosnia and former Yugoslavia, socialism, post-socialism
  • Office: Pasteur 208C
  • Phone: 502.272.8235
  • Email: fburic@bellarmine.edu

Bill M. Donovan, Ph.D

BA - University of Texas at Austin
MA and Ph.D. - Johns Hopkins University

  • Teaching fields: Colonial and Modern Latin America; military and political violence; exploration period; slavery; history of the Jesuits
  • Research interests: Brazil and Portugal; Atlantic economic history; comparative business history; early modern social history
  • Office: Brown Library 107
  • Phone: 502.272.8069
  • Email: bdonovan@bellarmine.edu

Mark J. Lega, MA, JD.

BA - University of Louisville
MACT (History) - Western Kentucky University
JD - University of Louisville
Post-Graduate: University of Kansas, Ashland University (Ohio)

  • Teaching Fields: Western civilization, American history
  • Office: Pasteur 206A
  • Phone: 502.272.8167
  • Email: mlega@bellarmine.edu

Robert Pfaadt, MA

BA - Bellarmine College
MA - Arizona State University

  • Teaching fields: Western civilization, modern European, and Russian history 
  • Research interest: Nazi-Soviet relations, 1939
  • Office: Pasteur 208E (P208E)
  • Phone: 502.272.8267
  • Email: rpfaadt@bellarmine.edu

Eric Paul Roorda, Ph.D

BA - College of Williams and Mary
MA and Ph.D. - Johns Hopkins University

  • Teaching fields: Latin American history, maritime history, Vietnam and Watergate, the U.S. presidency, the Civil War, the American Revolution and the War of 1812, and study-abroad courses in Latin America
  • Research interests: U.S. relations with the Dominican Republic and Cuba, U.S. and Caribbean maritime history
  • Office: Pasteur 206B (P206N)
  • Phone: 502.272.8168
  • Email: eroorda@bellarmine.edu

D. Lynn Wagner, Ed.D.

BA - Morehead State University
MA (History) - Morehead State University
MA (Education) - Morehead State University
Ed.D. - University of Kentucky

  • Teaching fields: Western civilization, women’s history.
  • Research interests: 19th-century reform movements, women’s history
  • Office: Pasteur 206A
  • Phone: 502.272.8167
  • Email: dwagner@bellarmine.edu 

Timothy Welliver, Ph.D

BA - DePauw University
MA - Ohio University
Ph.D. - Northwestern University

  • Teaching fields: African history, Middle Eastern history, Islam, slavery, and study-abroad courses in Europe and the Middle East
  • Research interest: 20th-century Zanzibar
  • Office: Pasteur 208D (P208D)
  • Phone: 502.272.8068
  • Email: twelliver@bellarmine.edu