Mathematics Department

Students studying mathematics work closely with their professors to achieve their goals. Annually student teams participate in the national Mathematical Modeling Competition, solving complex real-life problems. Some of these teams have presented their work at the Kentucky Mathematics conference. Students doing research projects present their results in poster form at Bellarmine’s annual Celebration of Undergraduate Research each April. A recent actuarial science student developed a unique study of highway traffic patterns and published her paper in a mathematics journal. Actuarial science majors readily find positions in the insurance and finance world where they are in high demand. Mathematics majors are well prepared - and highly sought after - for graduate study or for positions in statistics, systems analysis, business, and increasingly within the biological sciences.

Department Goals

Upon completion of the undergraduate program in mathematics or actuarial science, the successful student will demonstrate:

  1. skills in problem solving,
  2. the ability to communicate mathematical ideas,
  3. proficiency at understanding and creating mathematical proofs,
  4. the ability to employ mathematics for a broad variety of applications
  5. application of mathematical principles in an actuarial context. (B.S. in Actuarial Science only)

Careers in Mathematics


The Mathematics faculty dedicate themselves to outstanding teaching and they incorporate the best practices in using software to enhance the learning process. Mathematics faculty are recipients of awards for outstanding teaching from Metroversity and from the Mathematical Association of America. Faculty also maintain research programs in which they work one-on-one with mathematics majors and publish their results. Primary research interests within the department are mathematics education, combinatorics, mathematics and art, and statistics. Currently mathematics faculty members are working on college-level texts and study guides. Recently a member of the department had support from the National Science Foundation (NSF) for his work in developing a college geometry text.

Michael Ackerman, Ph.D. (email)
Bill Fenton, Ph.D. (email) (website)
Greg Kelsey, Ph.D. (email)
Jennifer Miller, Ph.D. (email)
Anne Raymond, Ph.D., Chair (email)
Susan White, Ph.D. (email)
Daylene Zielinski, Ph.D. (email)

Facilities and Resources

Many mathematics courses, from freshman calculus through senior-level operations research, are taught in the Mathematics Laboratory where students use specialized software to aid in their learning. The mathematics curriculum provides students with enough elective hours to achieve a double major or a minor. Recent students have chosen computer science or economics as a second major or as a minor. Mathematics majors often double major in education to become certified teachers of high school mathematics. A distinctive course is the senior-level Readings in Mathematics, in which students explore in depth a mathematical topic of their choice.

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