Dr. Gregory K. Hillis

Associate Professor
Office: Alumni Hall 106
Phone: 502.272.7800
Rocky Mountain College, B.A.; University of Waterloo, B.A.; McMaster University, M.A., Ph.D.

Gregory K. Hillis, a native of Alberta, Canada, joined Bellarmine's faculty in the department of theology in August 2008. Dr. Hillis is an historical theologian, with particular expertise in the patristic period (2nd-8th centuries) of Christian history and theology. His research and teaching interests also include Christian spirituality, ecclesiology, sacramental theology, 19th and 20th century Roman Catholic theology, Thomas Merton, and Eastern Christian history and theology. Dr. Hillis regularly writes brief reflections on theology and spirituality on his blog, My Unquiet Heart.

Recent Publications

  • “Pneumatology and Soteriology in Origen’s On Prayer,” Cistercian Studies Quarterly 49.1 (2014): 3-26.
  • “Pneumatology and Soteriology according to Gregory of Nazianzus and Cyril of Alexandria.” Studia Patristica 67 (2013): 187-197.
  • “New Birth through the Second Adam: The Holy Spirit and the Miraculous Conception in Cyril of Alexandria.” Studia Patristica 48 (2010): 47-53.
  • “The Holy Spirit and Episcopal Teaching Authority according to Cyril of Alexandria.” Theoforum 40.3 (2009): 187-208.

Courses Taught

  • THEO 200 – Ultimate Questions
  • THEO 316 – History of Christianity (I): Origins to the Protestant Reformation
  • THEO 317 – History of Christianity (II): Protestant Reformation to the Present
  • THEO 350 – The Eastern Orthodox Tradition
  • THEO 408 – The Church
  • THEO 419 – Christianity in the Patristic Period