The Big Event


Since its introduction in 1982 at Texas A&M, The Big Event has become the largest, one-day, student-run service project in the nation. The first annual Big Event at Bellarmine University will take place on April 4, 2020. Bellarmine students, faculty, and staff will come together to say “thank you” to our neighbors in the surrounding community. Knights will extend the long-standing tradition of hospitality by completing service projects such as yard work, window washing, and painting for residents of the community. Although The Big Event is a nationally recognized service project, our message and goal is simple- “one big thanks.”


The Big Event will become an integral part of the Bellarmine experience, creating lasting relationships between students, the University, and neighboring communities.

Bellarmine Values

The Big Event at Bellarmine University is student-led and supported in partnership with the Student Activities Center. We strive to uphold and extend the Bellarmine values of hospitality and service. This “one big day of thanks” is not based on socioeconomic need, but rather, a way for Knights to express gratitude to the neighboring community that supports Bellarmine. The connections that are built between students and residents and the unity that is naturally garnered is what makes The Big Event so unique. This is the Bellarmine Difference.