Book in Common

2019 Book In Common Selection: Just Mercy

Bryan Stevenson
Just Mercy

This contemporary text offers opportunities for students to consider and address current issues related to race, poverty, privilege, spirituality, morality and justice. It makes multi-disciplinary connections to various subject areas, and speaks to Bellarmine’s commitment to social justice. It also has the advantage of being a well-written and insightful read!

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How Can I Participate In The Book In Common Experience?

First-Year Students: First-Year students will have an opportunity to participate in many ways. Books will be distributed to all first-year students at Centralized Check-In. During Orientation, the book will be introduced through activities. Over the course of the first semester, Just Mercy will be used as the common text for First Year Focus. There will also be various campus programs that will incorporate the book and its themes.

Faculty: First Year Focus faculty members will be invited to participate through implementation of lesson plans during the fall semester. Faculty members will also be invited to the various campus programs that will occur.

Bellarmine Community Members: While the Book In Common is designed to engage the first-year class, all students and Bellarmine community members are welcome. All are encourage to attend public events and join in the campus discussions. Books will be available for purchase in the campus bookstore.