Summer 2018 Early Entry/New Freshmen Scholarship

This scholarship is for $5,310 and is for early entry / freshmen in Business, Finance and Accounting.


  • Limited number of academic based scholarships for classes to be taken during the summer session after high school graduation (before your freshman year in college).
  • Scholarship is for two courses—six semester credits total—$5,310 scholarship. ACCT 101 – Financial Principles of Accounting plus one other 100 level course selected from Bellarmine University’s Summer Class Schedule. Registration is limited to seats available in classes after regular registration is completed.
  • Housing ($50 per week) is available for students who live outside the Louisville area
  • ACCT 101 is a required course for all Business, Finance, and Accounting Majors.
  • ACCT 101 – Financial Principles of Accounting (3 credits) is designed to acquaint students with financial accounting based on a manager’s decision-making perspective. The basic elements of observing, measuring, recording, and communicating financial information are covered. Further, basic financial analysis and analytical decision skills are developed. It is a required freshman level course for accounting and business majors and is the first course for accounting majors.  
  • ACCT 101 will be from May 29-August 2, MTWTh, 10-11:30 a.m. This will accommodate students graduating from high school the first week in June.


  • Get a head start - Adjust to college life and develop study routine before Fall semester.
  • Lighter class loads during academic career at Bellarmine University. 18 credit semesters reduced to 15 credits.
  • Start upper division classes in your major earlier. – Summer Acct 101, Fall Acct 102, Spring Acct 211
  • Eligible for part-time professional internships Freshman year. $12-$15 per hour – YUM, Humana, GE, many others.
  • Eligible for CPA Summer Leadership programs after Freshman or Sophomore year – lead to full-time internship offer.
  • Earlier eligibility for full-time Spring or Summer internships with CPA firms—$15,000-$25,000.
  • May allow earlier college graduation. Full-time internships lead to career offers.
  • $5,310 scholarship does not reduce Bellarmine University scholarship awards for entering full-time students.

Eligibility and Business School Advising

  • Apply immediately. Qualified students will be notified of acceptance within 7-10 days. Applications will be accepted until the class is full or May 25. 
  • We will notify you soon. You will be registered for your summer classes after you have been accepted, confirmed, and are enrolling for Fall 2018.
  • I would really like to talk with you personally about the scholarship, Bellarmine's Business School programs, internships (while you are in school), graduate school planning, and professional careers. Please e-mail me or call and we will set up a time to get together. See you soon – Alisha


Alisha Harper, JD, LL.M.
Director of Masters of Taxation
Bellarmine University – Centro, McGowan Hall, CNMH 150