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The Department of History strives to present its program in the truest liberal arts tradition, which helps students correlate their knowledge of history with the other disciplines. This, however, does not imply that history majors receive anything less than an in-depth understanding of their specific discipline. The history program is geared so that a major is prepared to continue study in graduate school, teach on the primary or secondary school level, and participate in many other academic and professional activities.

Students majoring in history work closely with history faculty to learn the methods of historical research and use of primary documents. Historical research, which requires one-on-one mentoring, is a capstone experience in the major. Each year students may participate in the Model Arab League, which travels to regional competitions. Students who major in history also complete portfolios of their work as part of their progression through the major in the junior and senior year and have an exit interview before graduation as part of the ongoing assessment of the department.

Students majoring in history are prepared for post-graduate study in graduate and law school. Students desiring to teach social science at the high school level complete a major in history and obtain certification through our School of Education. Graduates with a history major find work within museums, public document archival systems, foundations and organizational archives, and other fields in which primary documents must be maintained and studied.

The Louisville community provides rich resources for student internships in institutions and organizations that archive and process historical documents. The opportunity to travel with history faculty on a yearly basis allows the student to integrate the many aspects of their liberal arts education (art, philosophy, theology, language study, political theory, social systems). All history majors complete the study of a foreign language. The university provides instruction in modern languages of French, Spanish, German, Chinese and Japanese, as well as classical Greek. Additional opportunities for study at an international university are provided through the International Programs office which maintains connections with some of the best universities around the world.

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Margaret Mahoney, Ph.D, Professor Emeritus
Timothy Welliver, Ph.D, Chair (email)
Robert Pfaadt, MA (email)
Eric Roorda , Ph.D (email)
Fedja Buric, Ph.D (email)

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