Senior, biology major with a minor in biochemistry
Aspiring university vice president
Home: Simpsonville, KY

Bellarmine made him who he is today. Ask anyone on campus who brings the party, and Cheppo will come to mind. Whether he’s performing at a half time show dance competition, leading a student government meeting, or meeting with Bellarmine’s president to offer advice on student culture and the campus experience, you know he’s prepared to go with it, and have a great time.



Why Bellarmine?

It was the real learner’s environment. I knew that when I got to campus, school was coming first for me, and I knew it would keep me focused academically. I knew that when I was ready to make that next step, I would be ready to go anywhere I wanted to go.

And Bellarmine stood out from all other universities that I visited because of how the students interacted with us. On every other campus I visited, students were just kind of wandering to class, they didn’t seem like they had a purpose, but when walking around Bellarmine’s campus, students were waving to the tour guides, students were saying, “welcome to Bellarmine,” and students had a real sense of pride about where they were going. That really stood out to me.

What are the classrooms like?
The classroom environment is really constructive, it’s not huge lecture halls, there’s not 400 students. There are crazy things that you find out about your professors that you would have never guessed and they really get to become some of your best friends, seeing them every day.

Any college jitters?
I was really nervous about the transition, neither of my parents went to college. I’m the oldest in my family, so it was new territory. Then when I got here, we got into our first-year orientation groups, we had our BU 100 course, and right after that all the stress was taken away. My professors were really great at advising us through our first exams, through any papers, and any concerns we had, and after that we hit the ground running.


Bellarmine made tuition really affordable for me. It was a little bit more expensive than going to some of the larger state schools, but I knew that the return on investment was going to be far greater than if I attended any other school in the state and even the region. I saw all the stats about how your mid-career salary is higher than anyone else in the state of Kentucky*, I knew that by paying just a little bit more I was going to make more than anyone who went to other bigger state universities.—CHEPPO