Bellarmine University (BU) has a long-standing relationship with the nonprofit Hearts in Motion which works in Guatemala providing medical, orphan, childcare and nutrition assistance to individuals and families. The BU students, faculty/staff and community members raise funds for the trip and projects they will be working on while in Guatemala. While the fundraising takes place year round, the trip is scheduled during spring break. The services provided in Guatemala include providing meals to a nutrition clinic and families living in a municipal dump site, painting buildings and murals at various public sites, holding several dental clinics, and any other projects Hearts in Motion needs to be completed. Additionally the group continues to build a dental clinic which is being funded by participants of this service trip.

The individuals on this service learning trip provide basic services for the poor, oppressed, and neglected in Guatemala with the hopes of improving their conditions. However, it is the individuals who participate who gain the most from the experience as they learn about the history and people of Guatemala, their role in contributing to global poverty, and how they can change their lives to help improve the human condition of those throughout the world. This is achieved through regular discussions and reflection before, during and after this service trip.