The Bellarmine Center for Economic Education

The Bellarmine Center for Economic Education at Bellarmine University - a collaborative effort with the Kentucky Council on Economic Education – gives teachers the resources to make every day money decisions relevant for a new generation.

The economic education center includes a stocked library with the latest materials related to financial education, as well as ready-made lesson plans. The center is available to both education students and practicing teachers.

In addition to her expertise as an early childhood and special needs educator, Center director Kathleen Cooter is a former high school economics teacher. As a former family credit interviewer for the Habitat for Humanity office in Fort Worth, Texas, she recognizes the power of financial knowledge to make homes and stability possible for families. In 2010, she co-authored a book titled "Financial Literacy for Children and Youth," with Thomas Lucey, an education professor at Illinois State University in Normal.

The Bellarmine Center for Economic Education routinely offers, at no cost, Poverty Simulations to community members. These simulations provide insight into the daily lives and struggles of people in poverty circumstances.  For more information and current schedule, please contact Debbie Femi at 502-272-8191 or