Weeping Cherry






Weeping Cherry

(Prunus subhirtella  (Pendula))

Interesting Information About Plant:  

     The tree droops towards the ground, and has a great inflorescence in the spring.  When the flowers fall they look like a blanket of snow.  This plant is for ornamental use only, not to grow cherries.  

Scientific Name: Prunus subhirtella  (Pendula)

Family Name (Scientific and Common): Rosaceae   (Rose)

Continent of Origin: Japan                          

Plant Growth Habit: Small Tree

Height at Maturity: More than 10 Feet

Life Span: Perennial

Seasonal Habit: Deciduous Perennial

Growth Habitat: Full Sun

Manner of Culture: Landscape Shrub-Vine-Tree

Thorns on Younger Stem: No

Cross Section of Younger Stem: Roundish 

Stem (or Trunk) Diameter: More Than The Diameter of a Coffee-Mug 

Produces Brownish Bark: Yes

Bark Peeling in Many Areas: Yes

Characteristics of Mature (Brownish) Bark: Lines Go Horizontal, has  Bumpy  and  Patchy Bark

Type of Leaf: Flat, Thin Leaf  

Length of Leaf (or Leaflet): Between the Length of a Credit Card and a Writing-Pen / Longer Than a Writing Pen

Leaf Complexity: Simple

Edge of Leaf: Serrated

Leaf Arrangement: Alternate 

Leaf has Petiole: Yes

Patterns of Main-Veins on Leaf (or Leaflet): Pinnate 

Leaf Hairiness: Somewhat Hairy  

Color of Foliage in Summer: Green

Change in Color of Foliage in October: Changes to Yellow

Flowering Season: Spring

Flowers: in Loose Group

Type of Flower: Colorful Flower

Color of Flower: Pink  or White

Shape of Individual Flower: Radially Symmetrical 

Size of Individual Flower: Smaller than a Quarter  

Sexuality: Hermaphroditic Flower / Male and Female Flowers on Separate Plants / Male and Female on Same Plant

Size of Fruit: Smaller than a Quarter 

Fruit Fleshiness: Fleshy 

Shape of Fruit: Spherical  

Color of Fruit at Maturity: Black

Fruit Desirable to Birds or Squirrels: Yes

Common Name(s): Weeping Higan Cherry, Weeping Japanese Cherry

Louisville Plants That Are Most Easily Confused With This One: Peach Tree, Sweet Birch or Cherry Birch

Unique Morphological Features of Plant: Plant branches droop towards the ground making it look very elegant

Poisonous: None of Plant

Pestiness (weedy, hard to control): No 


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