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Dr. Hank Rothgerber

    Dr. Rothgerber

Dr. Hank Rothgerber earned his B.A. from Georgetown University with a double major in psychology and government and his Ph.D. from Texas A&M University in Social Psychology.  His research expertise involves stereotyping and race relations, and he has published several articles on these topics in a leading journal in social psychology.  Currently, he is at work on a comprehensive, interdisciplinary book on stereotypes, with the working title, "From blacks on blacktops to Arabs in airports: The untold truth behind stereotypes."

Dr. Rothgerber enjoys working with students and over the last few years at Bellarmine and at Dartmouth College, he has supervised several undergraduate honor's theses.  Topics have investigated the effects of stereotypes on jury decision making, the way that different minority groups perceive each other, and the effects that stereotypes have on minority academic performance.  Recently, he has become interested in research on racial profiling and in using social dominance theory to explain Americans' reactions to the September 11th tragedy. 

Current courses that he teaches include Social Psychology, Introductory Psychology, Organizational Behavior and Leadership, Psychology and Law, American Race Relations, and Freshmen Focus.  He is also developing courses on Advertising and Culture and Contemporary American Culture.  Dr. Rothgerber passionately serves as coach of Bellarmine's Kentucky Psychological Association Psychology Bowl Team which competes at the annual convention and as moderator for the Psychology Club.  When not trying to improve students' critical thinking skills and challenging their sense of morality, he enjoys playing chess, reading books by radical reformers, and watching world cup soccer.

Dr. Rothgerber has been interviewed on the radio twice:

Jan 29, 2004 -

June 8, 2005 -

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