The Bellarmine Guarantee

Guaranteed: Graduation in 4 Years

Bellarmine guarantees you will graduate in four years or your additional year of study is on us.* We can make this guarantee because you will never be blocked from required courses for your major and you will have dedicated faculty and advisors to make sure you stay on track.

In order to qualify for the guarantee, students must do the following**:

  • Follow the outlined course of study plan for graduation published by the academic department and maintain that program’s academic progression and requirements.
  • Successfully complete all required prerequisite courses each year to move forward in declared major.
  • Maintain full-time enrollment for all four years.
  • Not drop or fail a required course for progression.
  • Maintain satisfactory academic progress as defined by the college catalog.
  • Never receive academic or judicial sanctions that would delay graduation.

Guaranteed: Internship Experience

We guarantee every student the opportunity to have an internship, develop a career plan and build a professional network.

Guaranteed: Study Abroad

Bellarmine guarantees every student the opportunity to study in a program or country of choice. With nearly 200 program and partner sites in 68 countries around the globe, you can choose long-term (semester or academic year) or short-term (two to eight weeks) international experiences.

Guaranteed: Academic Scholarships

Bellarmine guarantees a scholarship award to 100% of admitted first-year students. The average award is over $28,000.

*Tuition costs paid by the college are defined as the amount owed by the student after subtracting state or federal aid student qualifies to receive.
**The guarantee does not apply to nursing or education majors who do not complete prerequisites and are not admitted to the major for the fall of the sophomore year or double majors.