Admission Requirements

Admission Prerequisites

The prerequisite courses for the program (Bellarmine course equivalencies in parentheses) are:

  • 2 semesters of anatomy and physiology with lab (BIOL 108 & 109)
    • If the above anatomy and physiology course is not taken within a biology department, 1 additional semester of biology is required.
  • 1 semester of exercise physiology (EXSC 240)
  • 1 semester of nutrition (NURS 200)
  • 1 semester of kinesiology (EXSC 325) OR biomechanics
  • 1 semester of health sciences chemistry with lab (CHEM 214)*
  • 1 semester of health sciences physics with lab (PHYS 214)*
  • 1 semester of psychology (PSYC 103 or 203)
  • 1 semester of statistics (MATH 205)
  • RECOMMENDED NOT REQUIRED: 1 semester of medical terminology (RTH 120)

*Successful completion of two-course sequence with a lab may substitute

Transcript Review

We can provide fast feedback about your transcript(s) and pre-requisite coursework. Simply complete the form below by attaching unofficial copies of your transcript(s).

Admission to the program is selective and the number of students in each cohort is dependent on available clinical sites. Students attending Bellarmine as undergraduates are given preference for admission into the Program but are not guaranteed admission.

Bellarmine University undergraduate students may be admitted to the Master of Science in Athletic Training Program after completing all prerequisite courses with a “C” or better and general education courses (except IDC. 401) with a minimum of a 3.0 cumulative GPA and a minimum of 90 semester hours.

External applicants must hold a baccalaureate degree and have completed all program prerequisite courses.

Program Admission Requirements

  1. Submit online application at the Athletic Training Centralized Application Service.
  2. Minimum pre-requisite GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. Minimum cumulative undergraduate GPA of 2.75 on a 4.0 scale
  3. Satisfactory completion of all program prerequisites prior to entering the professional curriculum
  4. Grade of “C” or better in all prerequisite courses
  5. If overall cumulative GPA is below a 2.75, the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) must be taken with scores (within the last 5 years) sent to Bellarmine University (School Code 1056).
  6. The ability to meet Technical Standards.
  7. Final official transcript(s) from each college or university attended should be submitted directly to ATCAS. If any transcript(s) or undergraduate degree(s) is from an international institution, you must provide an official copy of a third party course by course credential evaluation to ATCAS. The following organizations offer this service and information regarding processes and fees are available at:, and The Office of Graduate Admission reserves the right to request a certified copy of the original transcript(s).

For more information contact the Office of Graduate Admission at 800.274.4723 x7200, 502.272.7200 or

Post-Admission Requirements

After formal admission to the Athletic Training Master's degree program, students are required to complete an FBI background check, drug test and technical standards agreement. The BU Master of Science in Athletic Training Program enters into Affiliation Agreements with multiple healthcare facilities and schools. These agreements provide BU MSAT students and faculty, authorized access to facility resources and patients. In response to stipulations contained within one or more of these Agreements, the BU MSAT requires students admitted to the program to submit to an FBI level criminal background check as well as annual drug testing. This screening process has been mandated by the College of Health Professions in an effort to more effectively protect the safety and well-being of the patients, clients, and residents of those facilities, and is fully supported by the MSAT faculty. The background check, drug test and technical standards agreement will be completed prior to matriculation into clinical classes.

International Applicants

Please complete the items under procedure for admission and submit the following:

Language Proficiency. All students are expected to have appropriate English-language proficiency to be admitted to the university. Language proficiency is required to ensure students are adequately prepared and well positioned to succeed. In general, Bellarmine University accepts one of the following as evidence of the required language proficiency:

  • TOEFL minimum scores: paper-based test 550, internet based test 79, or computer based test 213. MELAB: score of 78 or higher. IELTS: score of 6.0 or higher.
  • Language training at an approved center. Bellarmine recognizes the following standards and centers: English Language Services Level 112, Interlink Level 5, Intensive English Program at Indiana University Level 6, and other centers may be approved at the discretion of the graduate program to which an applicant seeks admission. Students enrolled at one of the language training centers identified above are eligible for conditional admission and may begin course work upon completion of the program requirements. Students who are citizens of or have completed a degree from a TOEFL exempt country are not required to submit additional documentation.
  • Prior educational experiences in TOEFL Exempt Countries: students who have a secondary or high school diploma earned in TOEFL exempt countries have met the requirement. Additionally, international students who have completed at-least one year of full time university study or its equivalent (i.e., a minimum of 24 earned credit hours or its equivalent and earned a 2.0 GPA) in an exempt country have met the requirement.

Financial Affidavit. All applicants must provide credible evidence (e.g. a bank statement, letter on bank stationary attesting to the availability of funds, etc.) of the ability to fund the cost of attending Bellarmine University for one academic year. If funds are provided by another person on behalf of the student, an affidavit must accompany the financial information.

Proof of Passport. Scan of passport ID page must show validity for 6 months post completion of the program.