ISEP Exchange Program

ISEP is an organization that facilitates exchange between universities around the world. Bellarmine is a member institution in their network, and we welcome students from other ISEP member institutions to study in the U.S. If you are a domestic student interested in studying outside the U.S. through ISEP, please visit Bellarmine Study Abroad and International Programs. If you are an international student hoping to study at Bellarmine through ISEP exchange, please visit Bellarmine's page on the ISEP site.

ISEP exchange students will follow the ISEP application procedures listed on their website at ISEP will work with you through the application and placement process. Please refer to ISEP's deadlines for application materials, which may differ from Bellarmine's. Once a student receives a placement at Bellarmine, you will be required to submit some additional information directly to Bellarmine.

ISEP students will still be attending Bellarmine as a J-1 visa holder, but ISEP will issue your DS-2019. Bellarmine works together with ISEP to ensure your compliance with the J-1 visa regulations. Upon your arrival to Bellarmine, ISEP will request that you mail your DS-2019 to them, so that they can provide a travel signature to you and return the DS-2019 to you.

ISEP provides a separate medical insurance plan which will cover the basic federal guidelines, and ISEP students at Bellarmine will not be enrolled in the plan from Bellarmine's partner insurance company. Contact ISEP with questions about your insurance plan.

ISEP students will be required to attend International Orientation along with all our other exchange students.