Student Interns

The Student Intern category is available only to foreign students currently enrolled and pursuing a degree at a postsecondary academic institution outside the United States, whose U.S. internship will "fulfill the educational objectives for his or her current degree program at his or her home institution." Student interns may participate in a student internship program for up to 12 months for each foreign degree/major. The intern must comply with additional the additional requirements, which make this category more complex than the Exchange Student option. With regard to the internship:

  • It must be full-time (at least 32 hours per week) and can be paid or unpaid.
  • It must not consist of more than 20% clerical work
  • It cannot place the participant in a position that involves:
    • Unskilled or casual labor
    • Child care or elder care
    • Aviation
    • Contact in the form of patient care, therapy, or any clinical or medical care of any kind.

The regulatory requirements are those for a regular J-1 student visa. In addition, with the help of Bellarmine University’s Office for Study Abroad and International Learning, the intern must complete form DS-7002 in conjunction with securing a placement internship at Bellarmine or a host organization. For further information about internship possibilities, please contact the Director of Study Abroad and International Programs.