One and two-semester study abroad opportunities during the academic year are available to Bellarmine students through the following Bellarmine partner Universities on six continents. Scholarships are available for many programs and can be found here. Consult the Office for Study Abroad & International Learning (email) for details.

Prerequisites for all Semester and Academic Year Study Abroad

Study abroad during the academic year is available to any student who has studied at Bellarmine University at least two semesters, who is in good academic and social standing, and has a minimum grade point average of 2.75.* Semester study abroad is not permitted during the student's final Bellarmine semester. A Bellarmine University study abroad fee is applicable per semester for credits transferred from abroad, for all programs, regardless of destination or provider. For study at a non-English speaking university site, proficiency in the language of study is a prerequisite. Minimum proficiency is demonstrated through the successful completion of four semesters of college-level study or its equivalent.

*Please note some programs require a higher GPA.

About Cost

Cost: Generally speaking, the cost of a semester or academic year abroad for Bellarmine's exchange programs is about the same as study on the Bellarmine campus (Bellarmine tuition, room and board, and student fees). The only additional cost a student will incur is a per semester study abroad fee (currently $100 (semester)/$200 (academic year)* for ISEP Programs and $300(semester)/$500(academic year)* for bilateral programs) plus transportation expenses to and from the study site, insurance (which includes health, medical evacuation and repatriation) and if studying abroad with ISEP, an ISEP study abroad processing fee. Most forms of financial aid are applicable to ISEP and bilateral exchange programs.

Scholarship Information

Scholarships: Special study abroad scholarships available for a variety of programs and destinations including scholarships of up to $4,000 for Germanic and Romance language sites which are available to Bellarmine students on a competitive basis. Click here for additional scholarship information.

Academic Credit

Credits earned during a student's study abroad in an exchange program are transferred back to Bellarmine University as official credit earned toward graduation. While all grades will be reflected on the student's transcript, they will not be figured into the overall GPA (except for honors and awards). Students work with the Department Chairs to seek approval for specific credit. This process in discussed in detail during the Pre-Departure Orientation.

Application Procedures

As early as freshman year, but no later than one year prior to the intended semester/academic year study abroad, a student interested in studying abroad should contact the Office for Study Abroad & International Learning in CNMH 280 (Study Abroad Advisor). In consultation with the student, the student's academic advisor, OSAIL, and faculty liaison for the department the Study Abroad Advisor will assist the student in the study site selection process as well as in the design of the program of studies and general preparation for the entire experience. Computer access to all of the partner universities is available through this departmental page. Actual foreign university catalogs may be provided upon acceptance to a particular site. By November 30th of the year preceding the exchange, the student must submit an official study abroad application to the Bellarmine University OSAIL, accompanied by the appropriate study abroad fee(s). Click here to learn more about the application process and deadlines.

*subject to change

Bilateral Exchange Programs

Kansai Gaidai University, Japan
Through a bilateral exchange agreement with Kansai Gaidai University near Osaka, Japan, Bellarmine students have an opportunity to live either on campus or with a Japanese family for one or two semesters while furthering their Japanese language proficiency and pursuing content studies taught in English on Japanese history, culture, religion, politics, business, management, marketing, international law; Asian thought, theatre, and studio art; and more. Students are required to have studied two semesters of Japanese before applying to this program. The cost will be the same as studying a semester in residence at Bellarmine University. Scholarships of up to $8,000 are available through the Japanese government on a competitive basis. Brochures are available in October in the OSAIL and in the College library. 

Eberhard-Karls-Universität Tübingen, Germany
Through a bilateral exchange agreement with Eberhard-Karls-Universität (founded 1477), a university of 25,000 students in picturesque medieval Tübingen, a city of 75,000 near the Black Forest region in South West Germany, Bellarmine students have the opportunity to study for one to two semesters at one of Germany's most renowned universities which counts among its alumni and professors some of the greatest German philosophers, theologians, poets, writers, and scientists, including Nobel laureates. In 1995, the city of Tübingen was voted Germany's city with the highest quality of life. Credits earned at the University of Tübingen are transferred as Bellarmine University credit. Tuition is the same as study on campus at Bellarmine. Room and board is paid directly to the University of Tübingen and comparable to the cost at Bellarmine. 

Curtin University, Perth, Australia
Through a bilateral agreement with Curtin University which is located in Perth, a city of 1.2 million in Western Australia near the Indian Ocean, Bellarmine students have access to study in a variety of academic areas in an English speaking setting. Curtin University has a well-known Nursing program, a favorite among Bellarmine's nursing majors. Curtin's Business School also ranks among the top three in Australia. Tuition is the same as study on campus at Bellarmine. Room and board expenses differ from those at Bellarmine. 

Université Paul Valery, Montpellier, France
Through an expanded ISEP agreement with the Université Paul Valery and Louisville's sister city, Montpellier on the Mediterranean Sea, a Bellarmine student can study at Montpellier III under the ISEP exchange, but will also qualify for an internship at Montpellier City Hall or area businesses to be arranged with the assistance of the Montpellier Mayor's office during or upon completion of studies at the University of Montpellier. As with all ISEP study abroad, tuition, room and board is basically the same as study on the Bellarmine campus. 

Universidad San Francisco Quito, Ecuador
Through a bilateral exchange agreement with the Universidad San Francisco de Quito, located in one of Louisville's sister cities, Quito , Ecuador, Bellarmine students have the opportunity to study for one or two semesters at one of the most dynamic educational institutions in Latin America. U.S.F.Q is an institution of 2200 students offering 39 undergraduate majors and 6 Masters programs. This liberal arts university offers valuable resources such as professors from the best universities in the world, the most modern library and computer services in Ecuador and arguably the most beautiful campus in Latin America. In addition to academic studies, this university also offers great service learning opportunities.

Yokohama National University, Yokohama, Japan
In 2001, a bilateral exchange was established between Bellarmine and Yokohama National University, (in Yokohama ) about half an hour train ride outside of Tokyo, Japan. The hilltop campus is blessed with verdant surroundings and abundant space, located only 2.5 miles from Yokohama Station, which serves as the city's major transport hub. YNU is one of the foremost institutions of higher education in Japan, serving approximately 10,000 students, of whom about 700 are of foreign origin. This one to two semester exchange gives Bellarmine students access to the Junior Year Overseas Program (JOY) at YNU, which offers a curriculum taught in English by top faculty, giving students an opportunity to learn more about the many faces of Japan, plus courses in business administration, economics, the social sciences, and engendering. Generous AIEJ scholarships of up to 105,000 Yen/ $13,500 are available to Bellarmine students on a competitive basis. For further information visit the YNU website and/or the Bellarmine OSAIL in CNHH 111.

The Universities of Paris and its Region
The inauguration year was marked in 2002 for an exchange agreement between Bellarmine University and the combined course and research potential of 14 Paris and Paris region institutions of higher learning under M.I.C.E.F.A (Mission Interuniversitaire De Coordination Des Echanges Franco-Americans) in Paris, France. This will give Bellarmine students an opportunity for direct enrollment with Bellarmine credit at Parisian institution universities such as at the world-renowned “Sorbonne”, the superb ”Institut Catholique de Paris”, the excellent Business School “Dauphine”, the world famous University of Paris Medical School, along with many other excellent institutions within the University of Paris system.

All regular scholarships and financial aid are portable with additional scholarships available through the OSAIL. The metropolitan area of Paris (10.8 million inhabitants) is an extension of the Bellarmine campus.

Each exchange student selects an individualized study program with the counseling of MICEFA’s staff members, as well as the Offices of International Programs of each participating Paris University. It may be possible to take courses at several Paris universities. Students should focus on one university. Thus, students benefit from the most adequate offerings in their field, given their fluency in French, degree of specialization and requirements. A three week orientation and intensive French language course is offered to American students, designed to make adaptation easier before the year begins. During the academic year, specially selected MICEFA teachers offer courses in French as a second language on a weekly basis. For more information, contact the Bellarmine OSAIL in CNHH 111 for details.

Universidad de Salamanca, Salamanca, Spain
The summer 2002 marked the signing of a bilateral agreement of educational and cultural exchange between Bellarmine University and the Universidad de Salamanca giving Bellarmine students an opportunity to study at one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the world. Founded in 1218, the University of Salamanca is the oldest university in Spain. Its status is so great that the history of the city of Salamanca itself is inevitably tied up in the University’s story. In the 16th century, Pope Alexander IV declared the University to be one of the principal seats of learning of Christendom ranking with Paris, Oxford and Bologna. Christopher Columbus consulted its faculty before embarking on his famous voyage. Today, the University of Salamanca is Spain's leading national institution for teaching of Spanish to foreign students, having been designated by the Spanish government to create an innovative educational program for foreigners to learn Spanish in the region of Spain where the purest Castilian Spanish is spoken. Bellarmine students matriculate in the University of Salamanca for one to two semesters. Students fluent in Spanish who wish to participate in the superior level may enroll in the many courses offered within the University alongside Spanish students. Other students take courses designed exclusively for foreign students taught by University of Salamanca professors. The University has a student population of 30,000 in the Colleges of Law, Liberal Arts, Science and Medicine. “Salamanca is, perhaps, the most perfect town in Spain. It has no particularly famous works of art. It is itself a work of art of every fruitful period. A town of mellow, golden stone standing by the riverside, among cork oaks…a place to loiter in, discovering new graces at the turn of every street.” (Evelyn Waugh) Salamanca is a graceful city with golden medieval buildings, Renaissance palaces and soaring cathedrals. In the northwest corner of Castile and only two and a half hours from Madrid, Salamanca retains the romantic charm of a medieval university town. Known as the “Oxford of the Spanish world,” the University draws visitors and students from around the world. Its narrow cobbled streets and rich facades, large and small squares, domes and spires still buzz with a thriving community of students who make Salamanca their home. Town and student life centers around the Plaza Mayor, justly called the most beautiful square in Spain. Salamanca has a rich cultural life of theater, cinemas and music resplendent with bullfighting, folk dancing, theater, concerts and parades. See the OSAIL for the Application and Information.

Karl-Franzens Universität Graz, Austria
Through a 2003 bilateral exchange agreement with Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz in Graz, Austria Originally founded in 1585 by the Habsburg Archduke Karl II, Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz was re-installed by the Habsburg Emperor Franz I in 1837 resulting in the university bearing both the Habsburg leaders' names. Bellarmine students have access to the second largest university in Austria. Total enrollment: 23,000.

Locale: Graz, the second largest city in Austria, is located in the south eastern province of Styria, called the “green heart of Austria” because of its extensive forests. Graz has many parks and cultural activities and provides easy access to sports such as skiing. A popular event is the annual “Steirischer Herbst” (Styrian Autumn) which encompasses a number of musical, theatrical and literary performances as well as accompanying lectures and exhibitions. 

University of Kufstein, Austria
Through Bellarmine’s bilateral program, Bellarmine students can study at one of the top business schools in Austria, the University of Kufstein for a semester or a full academic year. At this institution, highly qualified faculty with international experience, programs which are recognized all over Europe as well as courses with students of various nationalities and cultures form the basis for a comprehensive education. During their studies, the students are trained to apply their knowledge in intensive practical courses as well as during internships all over the world in order to prepare for the high demands of the market. Intellectual mobility and intercultural understanding are very important at this institution. The University enrollment is about 1,050. Being situated at the melting point of various cultures and at one of the most important North-South axes of Europe, the city of Kufstein has always been of national and international strategic importance. The thunderous roar of the two cannons Emperor Maximilian used to conquer the Kufstein Fortress for the Tyrol in 1504 still echoes up on the Josephsburg today. If you look down from the battlements onto the 1200-year-old town, which for centuries was a bone of contention between the Bavarians and Tiroleans, historical figures seem to come alive again. Today Kufstein has about 16,000 inhabitants (and thus is the second largest town in Tirol) and offers jobs in trade and industry to its inhabitants and to many commuters from neighboring communities.

National University of Ireland, Galway
Through a special study abroad partnership with Willamette University, Bellarmine students have the opportunity to study for a spring semester at the National University of Ireland, Galway. The cost of this program differs from Bellarmine's bilateral exchanges. Please consult the OSAIL for details.

The University was founded in 1845 as Queen's College Galway on the banks of the river Corrib in western Ireland. It was one of the three Queen's Colleges founded under the Queen's Colleges (Ireland) Act, 1845, the others being located in Belfast and Cork. In 1929, the College was given a special statutory responsibility under the University College Galway Act in respect of the use of the Irish language as a working language in the College. Under the Universities Act, 1997, University College, Galway was reconstituted as a University, under the name of Ollscoil na hÉireann, Gaillimh / National University of Ireland, Galway, and became a Constituent University of the National University of Ireland. Its total student enrollment is about 13,000, with academically strong programs of teaching and research throughout its seven Faculties: Arts, Science, Commerce, Engineering, Celtic Studies, Medicine & Health Sciences, and Law. NUI Galway is a vibrant dynamic institution, committed to expanding and deepening its international links. Almost 1,000 international students attend the University each year, for a semester, a year or for a full degree program, mainly from Europe, North America, Africa and Asia.

The Chinese University of Hong Kong, China
Through a bilateral exchange agreement with the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), Bellarmine students can study at one of the finest bilingual institutions in China. CUHK was founded in 1963 and is located in Hong Kong, a city of about 6.9 million inhabitants off the southeast coast of China at CUHK. Bellarmine students can experience the unique blend of western and Chinese cultures. CUHK is also an AACSB accredited school! For students interested in studying Asia in an international context, CUHK is also an excellent choice because it is the only university in Hong Kong that offers a tailor-made study program for international students (International Asian Studies Program or IASP). In 2004 enrollment was 16,263. With China being so important in the global market, studying in Hong Kong is an excellent choice for all majors especially those interested in international business. Situated at the southeastern tip of China, Hong Kong is ideally positioned at the centre of rapidly developing East Asia. Hong Kong has become a world-class financial, trading and business center. Today it is one of the world's most popular tourist destinations.

Swinburne University of Technology
Swinburne was founded in 1908 and is located in the eastern suburb of Hawthorn in Melbourne, a city of about 3.5 million. Through a 2005 bilateral exchange agreement with Swinburne University, Bellarmine students can experience a diverse institution in Australia’s second largest city, which, like Louisville, is famous for horse racing. Swinburne is an excellent choice for all majors. Swinburne has a strong history of providing quality, career-oriented education for both undergraduates and postgraduates.

Melbourne is the second-largest city in Australia and the capital of the state of Victoria. Melbourne is built on a coastal plain at the top of the giant horseshoe shaped Port Phillip Bay, which also serves as the mouth of the mighty Yarra River. Located on the southern coast of Australia’s eastern seaboard, Melbourne is perhaps Australia’s most cultured and politically conservative city. Melbourne features include Victorian-era architecture, bounteous cultural institutions museums, art galleries, theatres and spaciously landscaped parks and gardens.

Leeds Metropolitan University
Through a 2005 bilateral exchange agreement with Leeds Metropolitan University, Bellarmine students can experience a University acclaimed world-wide for the quality of its teaching and research. One of the largest universities in the UK, its size and international reputation enables the university to offer one of the widest ranges of academic courses in the UK. LMU was founded in 1824, and is located in the city of Leeds, approximately 2 hours from London by train. Leeds is a prosperous, commercial, industrial, and manufacturing city. It is also considered the cultural and sporting center for much of the region. Leeds also has a rich musical tradition. The city of Leeds has 700,000 inhabitants; LMU has over 41,000 students.

University of Helsinki
Through a 2007 bilateral agreement with the University of Helsinki, Bellarmine students have an opportunity to study at an excellent institution in the capital of Finland. Since this institution has a large international student population, there is an extensive amount of course offerings in English in most disciplines. The University of Helsinki is the oldest and largest university in Finland. Its students make up a quarter of all university students in the country. The main university area is located in the beautiful neo-classical center of Helsinki. With its large population, Helsinki is able to sustain a rich variety of cultural activities. There is an abundance of restaurants, bars, theaters, museums, and sporting events. The total student population is currently 39,000. See the OSAIL for application and procedures.

EM Strasbourg
EM Strasbourg is located at the heart of Strasbourg and services some 3,500 students, 150 faculty members, 200 researchers and 500 professional speakers. EM Strasbourg is part of the Université de Strasbourg, the largest university in France. Through a 2006 bilateral exchange agreement, Bellarmine students may attend one of the finest business schools in France. Course offerings are available in both French and English. The goal of the institution is to establish a pole of competencies in management and economics that will be recognized across Europe for teaching, research, interaction with economic and industrial arenas and its international focus. The synergies among teachers-researchers and students of the three divisions are facilitated by activities and structures promoting joint research and work. EM Strasbourg joined the "Conférence des Grandes Ecoles" (Division of "Grandes Ecoles de Management") in 2000. Membership in this top tier organization marks the recognition of the EM Strasbourg among the major French business schools.

Al Akhawayn University
Al Akhawayn University (AUI) is located in Ifrane (pop.30,000), Morocco. AUI is modeled on the American university system and English is the language of instruction. Al Akhawayn University will, however, give special attention to the teaching of the Arabic language at all levels and in all branches of education. Through a 2007 bilateral agreement Bellarmine students may study at this excellent institution in North Africa. AUI contributes to the historical and cultural vocation of the Kingdom of Morocco, an Arab-African nation belonging to Islamic civilization, and open to Europe, America and Asia. AUI is thus designed as a Moroccan university, original in its organizational and educational approach, using modern methods to disseminate Arab-Islamic and African culture, universal knowledge, science and advanced technology. AUI aims to train graduates with high academic qualifications, in permanent quest of knowledge and culture, aware of their social obligations and imbued with the values of human solidarity and tolerance.

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
The Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, founded in 1921, is one of the most comprehensive and complete higher education institutions in Italy. Università Cattolica excels in the diverse study opportunities that it offers in the humanities as well as scientific fields. Through the courses offered, combined with strong research programs, the university values and promotes an interdisciplinary approach that helps students gain scientific knowledge in a responsible and autonomous fashion. The campus offers a complete range of services. Since the student body is approximately 30,000, the campus may best be described as "a city within a city," where finding your way and learning the ropes is easy thanks to effective tutoring services and competent academic advisors and coordinators. Each semester there are a variety of course offerings in Communication and the Humanities offered in English.

Universiteit van Tilburg
Through an ISEP focused exchange Bellarmine Business and Economics students have the opportunity to study at Universiteit van Tilburg, an AACSB accredited school. Originally established in 1927 as a school of economics, Tilburg has since diversified its curriculum to include several main faculties, as well as special research programs and institutes. The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration offers two certificate programs each semester: the International Business Administration Diploma and the European Economics and Finance Certificate. A large number of research institutions are directly allied to Tilburg including the Center for Economic Research, one of the top institutes for fundamental economic research in Europe. Universiteit van Tilburg is also an excellent choice for Bellarmine students given that it is also a private university of Catholic affiliation.

Rhodes University
As a result of a 2007 bilateral agreement, Bellarmine students now have the opportunity to study at an excellent institution in South Africa. Rhodes University is located in the heart of South Africa's Eastern Cape Province and owes its unique character to a combination of historical, geographical, cultural and architectural factors. Small in size but substantial in their impact, the achievements of successive generations of Rhodians have had an influence on Southern Africa and beyond. The University takes pride in its motto, Where Leaders Learn, and in producing graduates who are knowledgeable intellectuals, skilled professionals, and critical, caring and compassionate citizens who can contribute to economic and social development and an equitable, just and democratic society. The University’s social consciousness is expressed in its commitment to sharing knowledge resources with the community of Grahamstown and the Eastern Cape and in encouraging an ethos of community service within its staff and student body. In addition to their commitment to social justice issues, Rhodes has many excellent academic departments including a world class music department. Not only would this institution be a great choice for Bellarmine students to study abroad on exchange, but there are many opportunities for Bellarmine faculty research and collaboration with Rhodes.

Edith Cowan University
Edith Cowan University, located in Perth, Western Australia, is named after a prominent social worker and politician in the early 1900s. Through a 2008 bilateral agreement, Bellarmine students can study at Edith Cowan University, especially for the health sciences. With around 18,000 undergraduate students, international students have an opportunity to immerse in Australian culture at the university and in the city of Perth trough clubs, societies and sports. Students have the opportunity to study at any of the three campuses-Joondalup, Mount Lawley and South West.

Universidad de Granada
Universidad de Granada is a wonderful destination to hone Spanish language skills. Founded in 1531, the university has a strong presence in the city of Granada. Located an hour from the Mediterranean Sea and the Sierra Nevada National Park, the city of Granada offers much to the students who live there, with lots of cultural activities and delicious local cuisine. Through a 2010 bilateral agreement, Bellarmine students can study Spanish in numerous subjects in the arts, communication, humanities and social sciences.

Lingnan University
Lingnan University, located in Hong Kong, is a liberal arts institution founded in 1888. Through a bilateral agreement in 2011, Bellarmine students can study at Lingnan University in the arts, humanities, social sciences and business (AACSB accredited). There are many opportunities for Bellarmine students to become involved while at Lingnan, through campus life and community service opportunities. Like Bellarmine, Lingnan has a small student-to-faculty ratio which allows more classroom discussion. Bellarmine graduates also have an opportunity to apply for the Visiting Tutor Program which focuses on English language teaching through the university's Centre for English and Additional Languages.

The University of Notre Dame Australia
The University of Notre Dame Australia, founded in 1989, has three campuses located in Freemantle, Sydney, and Broome. Through a bilateral agreement since 2011, Bellarmine students have the opportunity to study at this Catholic institution, which has strong areas in professional programs (health sciences, education, law), arts and sciences, humanities, theology, philosophy and social sciences. Students interested in Australian culture have a wide range of courses from which to choose. Exchange students are able to become involved in campus life in many ways through clubs, sports, Campus Ministry and volunteering.

Nanjing University
Nanjing University, founded in 1902, has three campuses: Gulou, Pukou, and Xianlin. Located only 3.5 hours from Shanghai by car, Nanjing lies along the Yangzi River. With over 12,000 undergraduate students and 59 departments, there is a lot of variety to be experienced at Nanjing. Through a 2011 bilateral agreement, Bellarmine students can study in various fields in Chinese (business, science, humanities, and social sciences) as well as some classes in English and Chinese language classes.

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) is located in Port Elizabeth, South Africa along Nelson Mandela Bay, '' The Watersport Capital of Africa,'' on the Eastern Cape. With over 500 study programs, NMMU offers many study choices to its students. The university is the most diverse university in South Africa and offers many social and cultural activities in which students take part, such as clubs, societies, sports and volunteer opportunities. Through a 2011 bilateral agreement, Bellarmine students can become part of this university studying in a wide range of fields such as arts and sciences, communication, education, health sciences, business, and social sciences.

Ewha Womens University
Ewha Womens University, founded in 1886, has a beautiful campus located in Seoul, South Korea. Through a 2011 bilateral agreement, both male and female Bellarmine Students can study at Ewha in many subjects in the arts and sciences, business, (AACSB accredited), communication, education, health sciences and social sciences. With the opportunity to study Korean culture, students can immerse themselves in the local culture at Ewha and South Korea. Each international student has a local student as a buddy to help them adjust to their life in South Korea.

University of Western Australia
The University of Western Australia is one of the top research institutions in Australia as a member of Group of Eight. Through a 2011 bilateral agreement, Bellarmine students can study at this high-quality, word-class institution in the arts and sciences, education, business, social science, health sciences and humanities. Students can become involved through clubs, sports and cultural activities taking place on campus in the city of Perth.

ISEP Exchange Programs

Over 140 additional ISEP Exchange Programs are available through a partnership with International Student Exchange Program (ISEP). In 1993, Bellarmine University joined the International Student Exchange Program, a consortium of over 200 universities and colleges in over 40 countries around the globe. Through the Bellarmine membership in ISEP, students have the opportunity to study at any of the affiliated universities with credit transferred back to Bellarmine. International study sites are available for students of Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. For students without foreign language proficiency, study is available at English-speaking universities in Australia, Europe, Africa, and Asia. The cost of a semester or academic year abroad is the same as a semester spent on the Bellarmine campus, plus the cost of the airline ticket, a health medical and repatriation insurance, and placement/administrative fee. Scholarships for students of foreign languages are available on a competitive basis for study at non-English-speaking sites. Brochures are available from the OSAIL.

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