Pre-Departure Information for Accepted Students

Congratulations! You have been accepted to a BU study abroad program!

A wonderful adventure awaits you. There are several things you should be doing to prepare yourself for your upcoming international experience. All students should research the country and city where they will be living. That way you are better prepared for what you may encounter abroad and can plan for things that you would like to do and accomplish while you are living there.

Below are lists of some things you must do prior to your departure. We have included links to forms you must submit now that you have been accepted. Participation in the program is contingent upon receipt of all the appropriate and required documents and fees.

Academic Year and Semester Accepted Student Steps

  1. Enroll and take the mandatory FLIS 201 Perspectives of World Cultures Pre-Departure Course for the semester prior to your study abroad experience.
  2. Submit all required documents to the Office for Study Abroad & International Learning (OSAIL). 
  3. Review the information on the Preparing To Go Abroad.
  4. Stay in contact with the OSAIL prior to departure for any follow-up.

 Enjoy your international experience!

Short Term Accepted Student Steps

  1. Make sure all BU paperwork (link to app and deadline link) was submitted to the OSAIL (CNMH 280) 
  2. Turn in on time all follow-up paperwork for your program (KIIS, CCSA, CIEE).  
  3. Attend the mandatory ON-CAMPUS Pre-Departure Orientation for your Short-Term Program (you will receive the dates via your BU email from the OSAIL). Attend the program provider Pre-Departure Orientation (if applicable).  
  4. Submit the Pre-Departure Orientation Signature Form (pdf) (required) and an updated Course Approval Form (if needed). 

 Enjoy your international experience!