Mission and Vision

At Bellarmine, internationalization represents the conscious, institutional embodiment of the varied international dimensions of the research, teaching, learning and service activities of the University’s staff, students, and related communities. Internationalization at Bellarmine University is strategically guided and enhanced but grows organically from core academic activities.

The Office for Study Abroad and International Learning (OSAIL) is the center for Bellarmine’s international activities, providing resources, guidance and support to enable the movement of people and ideas across international boundaries thereby preparing students for world citizenship. These activities promote cultural awareness and diversity, encourage dialogue, open minds, broaden perspectives, and develop intellectual curiosity and skills for living in a globally interdependent and culturally diverse world.

The mission and purpose of the OSAIL are carried out through the following activities:

  1. Administering international education programs and services 
  2. Planning and developing new international programs 
  3. Providing learning opportunities abroad for students, faculty, and staff 
  4. Developing and maintaining links with colleges and universities abroad  
  5. Organizing or assisting with the organization of international events
  6. Supporting the internationalization of the curriculum 
  7. Assisting the faculty in their internationalization efforts 
  8. Welcoming international visitors 
  9. Enhancing the University’s international image

In addition, with the 2008 SACS/QEP designation, Bellarmine has made the internationalization of the university an institutional priority. The internationalization is led by the OSAIL and encompasses the integration of international experiences (study, service, teaching, internships and work abroad) into the curriculum via the "Assess - Match - Motivate" model. This model has been recognized by organizations such as NAFSA and the ACE as exemplary in terms of Curriculum Integration.  You can learn more by reading our QEP proposal "Liberal Education in an International Context: Preparing Students for a Globally Competitive World."