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Study Abroad Information for Parents and Guardians

In today’s ever shrinking global world, it is even more important for our students to be exposed to other countries and cultures and study abroad is the most effective college experience for students to gain this cross-cultural knowledge. The current job market is very different from what it was 20-30 years ago in that students are competing for employment with globally competent applicants from around the world. Today’s students must meet this challenge, and international experiences help in preparing them for the realities of the 21st century.

Bellarmine is assisting our students with their international plans by offering them a variety of choices in study, service and internships with over 150 partners & programs in over 50 countries. These range from summer & winter break programs to an academic year or semester abroad on exchange. All BU majors who meet the program requirements are eligible to study abroad. All of our Bellarmine programs have an on-site coordinator who is able to assist students as needed during their time abroad. Please refer to the information on the links below and on our main page for additional information about our programs.

If you and your son/daughter would like to set up an individual meeting to discuss study abroad options at Bellarmine University please call 502.272.8423.

Here are links to learn the steps for Bellarmine students: