While Abroad

Many emotions and thoughts run through a student’s mind while he/she is abroad, especially upon arrival. It is good for academic year and semester students to bring their notes from pre-departure, the Orientation Manual, and Maximizing Study Abroad book to help with the adjustment abroad. The International Office at the host institution is also there to help, so make sure to utilize them! Short term students should talk with the program director and teachers for issues that may arise.

Students need to maintain contact with the International Programs Office while abroad.

  • Short-Term
    • Study Abroad Advisor works with student and organization if any issues should arise.  
  • Long-Term
    • a. Student submits Host Institution Enrollment Form to IPO once his/her registration is complete. Additionally, student works with Department Chairs for any class he/she is taking abroad that has not yet been pre-approved.
      1. Host Institution Enrollment Form (white form) 
      2. Study Abroad Course Approval Form (beige form) 
    • b. Study Abroad Advisor keeps in contact with student while abroad, sending group emails once a month (regarding cultural, logistical, and returning issues) and any additional emails to student from whom Study Abroad Advisor has not heard. Emails do include information about registration for the next semester and returning to the U.S.