Nursing student develops love for critical care

Meet Abby L. Kosmoski, a Bellarmine University accelerated nursing student from Green Bay, Wisconsin. Even though it’s a considerable distance from her hometown, Abby chose to pursue her accelerated nursing degree at Bellarmine.

The one-year accelerated second degree Bachelor of Science in Nursing program is specifically designed for the individual holding a bachelor’s degree in another field who is drawn to the rich and diverse experience that nursing offers.

And it’s perfect for out-of-towners who want a great accelerated program in nursing.

Abby took a few moments out of her busy schedule to talk about the program and her plans:

Q. Why did you choose Bellarmine?
A. Due to the 12 month accelerated program. Many programs offered 15-16 month programs. After applying and going to an information session I really felt welcome.

Q. What’s your favorite part of the program?
A. How fast paced it is. I feel I retain so much information as the sessions go because the entire curriculum builds on itself and the semesters go by so quickly.

Q. Tell us about your favorite clinical experience in the program.
A. My favorite clinical experience thus far is Critical Care. I am at U of L in the Medical ICU, I love being able to chart on patients, and the 12-hour clinical really mimics what life will be like outside the program. Critical care is where I get to tie everything I have learned up to this point together and it is really great to see how far I have come as a student along with my fellow classmates.

Q. What are your future plans?
A. My future plans are to work in an ICU setting. I really like the challenge of higher acuity patients. To tie in the disease processes going on and how best to care for the patient really allows you to critically think and always keep you on your toes!

Q. Anything else you’d like prospective students to know?
A. This program, though rigorous and fast, is well worth it. The camaraderie that comes with the program is great. The program will test you and make you feel very comfortable clinically to care for patients as a nurse safely and effectively. The faculty has a great open door policy and always will help you to succeed.

For more information on Bellarmine’s Accelerated Nursing Program, or to apply today, visit: