Alumni Achievements

  • Ronnita Usher (MSN, 2006; DNP, 2014) published her DNP project “Evaluating the Impact of a Standardized Bedside Handoff Process on a Medical-Surgical Unit” in the Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing, 49, 2018.
  • Holli Roberts (DNP, 2017) published her DNP project “A Descriptive Study of Nursing Peer Review Programs in American Magnet Hospitals” in the Journal of Nursing Administration, 47(4), 2017.
  • Shirl Johnson, DNP, RN, MHA, BB (DNP, 2015) presented her DNP project, “Impact of a Pulmonary Clinical Decision Unit on Outcomes in Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease” at the 2017 American Nurses Association’s Annual Conference: Translating Quality in to Practice in March, 2017.
  • Brooke Vaughn (BSN, 2007 & MSN, 2016) presented her project “High Fidelity Simulation to Evaluate Emergency Management in Urgent Care Centers” at the 2016 Kentucky Nurses Association Convention, in Fall, 2016
  • La Sananikone, Montez Hogue (BSN, 2017), Melody Gramig (Accelerated BSN, 2017), Saile Davis (BSN, 2017), Beth Korkin, Crystal Owens (Accelerated BSN, 2017), Lyndsay Strohmeier (BSN, 2017), and Samantha Burger (Accelerated BSN, 2017), published “Heroin Epidemic: Impact on Foster Care” in the Kentucky Nurse in the April, May, June 2017 issue.
  • Scott Cook, Samantha Gerber (Accelerated BSN, 2017), Kayla Heines (BSN, 2017), Cayla Martin (BSN, 2017), Bailey Reeder (BSN, 2017), Sadie Schmidt (BSN, 2017), Emily Sidebottom (BSN, 2017) and Sara Wimsatt (BSN, 2017) published “Combatting Obesity: Teaching Children to Eat Right” in the Kentucky Nurse in the April, May, June 2017 issue.
  • Matthew Owens and David Fuller (Accelerated BSN, 2017) published “Will They Fall?  Assessing Risk of Falls in Knee or Hip Arthroplasty Patients” in the Data Bits section of Kentucky Nurse in the October, November and December 2016 issue.
  • Kristen Pickerell, DNP, RN, NE-BC, CPHQ (BSN, 2003, MSN, 2009, DNP, 2014) presented her DNP project “A transformational Leadership Program: A Necessity in Today’s Healthcare Environment” at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s 28th Annual National Forum, in December, 2016.
  • Joan Niemczewski Bischoff, DNP, APRN, RN-BC, FNP-BC, CDE, MLDE (BSN, 2006, MSN, 2009, DNP, 2013) published her DNP project, “Evaluating an Outpatient Diabetes Program Telephone Follow-Up Process on Glycosylated Hemoglobin Levels” in the Journal of Doctoral Nursing Practice, 9(2), 2016.
  • Dr. Kelly Johnson (DNP, 2016) presented her DNP project “Sentinel Event management Model: A Performance Improvement Project” at the American Society for Healthcare Risk Management National Conference in September, 2016.
  • Dr. Britt Schloemer (DNP, 2020, Accelerated BSN, 2004 & Instructor, Nursing) was elected President of the Kentucky Chapter of NAPNAP (National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners) in 2016.
  • Whitney Van Vactor (MSN , 2016) presented her project “Effect of a Unit Based Clinical Outcome Nurse on Nurse Empowerment and Quality Outcomes” at the Sigma Theta Tau, International Leadership Connection Conference in September, 2016.
  • Teresa Vincent, DNP, RN (DNP, 2016) presented her DNP project “Implementation of TeamSTEPPS in the Operating Room: A Quality Improvement Project” at the National TeamSTEPPS Convention in June, 2016. 
  • Dr. Britt Schloemer  (DNP, 2020, Accelerated BSN, 2004, & Assistant Professor, Nursing) created and presented two, four hour CEU events in June for the public, University of Louisville Physicians, and Norton employees about the ketogenic diet as a treatment for epilepsy titled: “The Ketogenic Diet: It does your brain good.”
  • Dr. Joan Masters (Nursing Faculty Emeritus), Ms. Mary Kane, (MSN, 2012), and Dr. Mary Ellen Pike’s (Nursing Faculty Emeritus) article “The Suitcase Simulation: An Effective and Inexpensive Psychiatric Nursing Teaching Activity” published in August 2014, won the Journal of Psychosocial Nursing and Mental Health Services 2014 Article of the Year Award.
  • Dr. Carol Goss (DNP, 2012) published “Systematic Review Building a Preceptor Support System” in the Journal for Nurses in Professional Development. It was published ahead-of-print on October 16, 2014.
  • Ms. Lindsay Horrell (BSN, 2014), Dr. Mary Ellen Pike (Assistant Professor, Nursing), Dr. Barbara Jackson (Assistant Professor, Nursing) and colleagues presented a poster entitled “A Model Process for Refugee Immunization: Towards a better Understanding of Performance Improvement” at the Transcultural Nursing Society’s Annual Conference in Charleston, South Carolina
  • Dr. Elizabeth Archer-Nanda (DNP, 2013) presented her DNP capstone project at the 28th Annual National American Psychiatric Nurses Association meeting in Indianapolis, Indiana. A journalist, Linda G. Hughes, MA, heard her presentation and followed up with Dr. Archer-Nanda. An article featuring Dr. Archer-Nanda’s capstone work was published on the Healthcare Professionals Network, HCP Live, entitled “Reach Out and Communicate with Your Psycho-Oncology Interdisciplinary Team”.
  • Dr. Lisa Thompson (DNP, 2012) won the Leadership 500 Excellence Award at Robley Rex VAMC in the Government & Military Organization category for her DNP capstone project titled “Implementation of a Senior Leadership Development Course”.
  • BSN student Sherry Tolentino with Dr. Sherill Cronin and Dr. Elizabeth Fitzgerald presented a poster titled: “Remember the Wellness Wednesdays: Hispanic Outreach Program with St. Rita Catholic Church” at the 39th Annual Conference of the Transcultural Nursing Society in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


  • Devin Smith (MSN, 2020)
    • Graduate Nursing Faculty Merit Award for Nursing Administration
  • Katlin Davis (MSN, 2020)
    • Graduate Nursing Outstanding Student Award
  • Charles Corsiglia (BSN, 2020)
    • Monsignor Raymond J. Treece Senior Merit Award
  • Rachel Bell (BSN, 2020)
    • Nursing Faculty Merit Award for Traditional Student
    • Bellarmine University Faculty Merit Award
  • Moushumi Dey (Accelerated BSN, 2020)
    • Nursing Faculty Merit Award for Accelerated Student 1-year
  • Lauren Loehnert (Accelerated BSN, 2020)
    • Nursing Faculty Merit Award for Accelerated Student 2-3 year
  • Jessica Johnson (BSN, 2020)
    • Bellarmine Association of Nursing Students (BANS) Leadership Award
  • Victoria Howard (BSN, 2020)
    • Bellarmine Association of Nursing Students (BANS) Leadership Award
    • Sigma Theta Tau Leadership Award Traditional Student – Lambda Psi Chapter
  • Hayley Jo Patton (Accelerated BSN, 2020)
    • Sigma Theta Tau Leadership Award Accelerated Student – Lambda Psi Chapter
  • Denise Hummel (Accelerated BSN, 2020)
    • Sigma Theta Tau Leadership Award Accelerated Student – Lambda Psi Chapter

DNP Projects


  • Dr. Bonnie Hibbs – Visual Boards to Improve Compliance with Administration of Glucose Gel
  • Dr. Beverly Phillipe – Shared Governance Effect on Nursing Outcomes
  • Dr. Jessica Sumner – Evidence Based Practice Implementation of the Delirium Portion of the ABCDEF Bundle
  • Dr. Gabri Warren – The Implementation of an Open Source OMR at a Faith Based Community Clinic
  • Dr. Chris Webb – Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Data Collection:  Improving Screening for Depression Among University Student


  • Dr. Marguerite Burch - Implementation of a Delirium Protocol in a Community Living Center
  • Dr. Jennifer Gordon - Treatment of Anxiety Using Massage Therapy in a NeuroRehabilitation Program
  • Dr. Britt Schloemer – Evaluation of an Interdisciplinary Ketogenic Diet Clinic for the Treatment of Pediatric Refractory Epilepsy
  • Dr. Julia Senn-Reeves - Early Identification of Frailty Predictors in a Vowed Religious Community of Catholic Men: A Strategy for Successful Aging in Place


  • Dr. Kimberly Anna - Implementation of the World Health Organization for Family Planning Decision Making Tool for Increase Intrauterine Device Use
  • Dr. Mary Joyce (Missy) Stober - Advanced Disease Management in Home Healthcare: Palliative Integration
  • Dr. Trena Seago - Failure-to-Rescue Simulations as a Risk Management Strategy for Registered Nurses
  • Dr. Brittney Welch - Changing Healthcare Policy by Utilizing Kingdon’s Policy Stream


  • Dr. Mary Ellen Broaddus - Demonstration Project to Address Juvenile Drug Addiction
  • Dr. Ellee Humphrey - Implementing an Evidence-Based Education Program for Labor and Delivery Nurses in a community Hospital Setting
  • Dr. Holli Roberts - Developing a Nursing Peer Review Program for Nurse Leaders
  • Dr. Janel Willingham - Text Messaging Appointment Reminders to Increase Patient Appointment Adherence on a Mobile Unit Within a Prevention and Wellness Program


  • Dr. Kelly Johnson - Sentinel Event Management Model: A Performance Improvement Project
  • Dr. Gayle Mink - Reducing Benzodiazepine Use in the Treatment of Anxiety in a Community Mental Health Setting
  • Dr. Pam Missi - Enhancing Nurse-Physician Communication and Collaboration
  • Dr. Kathy Rose - Implementation and Evaluation of a Charge Nurse Development Project Bundle
  • Dr. Anna Laura Trimbur - Telephone Follow-up for Heart Failure Patients Discharged to Skilled Nursing Facilities
  • Dr. Teresa Vincent - Implementation of TeamSTEPPS in the Operating Room


  • Dr. Teena Darnell - Prevalence of School Nurses in Kentucky and Student Outcomes
  • Dr. Shirl Johnson - A Pilot Study of the Impact of a Pulmonary Clinical Decision Unit on Patient Outcomes in Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
  • Dr. Colleen Knoop - Gap in Patient Expectations in Deep Brain Stimulation for the Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease
  • Dr. Carol Payton - Use of a Peanut Ball to Decrease Length of First & Second Stages of Labor
  • Dr. Lahoma Prather - A Post Discharge Support Program for Patients Experiencing Psychological Non-Epileptic Seizures: A Pilot Project
  • Dr. Sally Sturgeon - Strangulation Assessment, Evidence Collection, and Documentation Guidelines for Forensic Nurse Examiners: A Pilot Project


  • Dr. Audria Denker - Transformational Leadership in Nursing: A Pilot Nurse Leader Development Program
  • Dr. Kimberly Gambino - Effects of a Antimicrobial Stewardship Program on Healthcare Costs and Clostridium Difficile Infections
  • Dr. Charla Glover - Implementation of an Obesity Scorecard in Primary Care
  • Dr. Deloris Jacobs - Implementation of an Evidence Based Falls Management Program in a Nursing Home
  • Dr. Kristin Pickerell - A Nursing Leadership Program: A Necessity in Today’s Healthcare Environment
  • Dr. Ronnita Usher - Improving Bedside Handoff: Evaluating the Impact of a Standardized Tool


  • Dr. Sally Arnold - Pilot Project: Incontinence Associated Dermatitis Risk Assessment Scale
  • Dr. Elizabeth Archer-Nanda - Assessing Quality Outcomes in an Integrated Behavioral Oncology Program
  • Dr. Lynette Galloway – Implementation of a School-based Health Center: Model and Proposal for the Catholic School System
  • Dr. Linda Hunter - Modeling the Way: Introducing Evidence Based Practice
  • Dr. Mary Sue Krummen - Implementation of Wound Photography
  • Dr. Joan Niemczewski - Improving an Outpatient Diabetes Program Telephone Follow-up Process: Evaluating its Impact on Glycosylated Hemoglobin Levels
  • Dr. Sharon Ruhl - Is Implementation of a Standardized Assessment Tool for Hospitalized Adult Palliative Care Patients Associated with Enhanced Symptom Assessment and Decreased Symptom Burden?
  • Dr. Heather Ryle - Implementation of an Evidence-based Oral Cue Based Feeding Strategy in a Population of Infants with Gastroschisis-Impact on Outcomes at Time of Discharge
  • Dr. Jorecia Singleton - Evaluating and Measuring the Impact of a Registered Nurse Navigator Program on 30-Day Rehospitalization
  • Dr. Beverly Szukis - Adult Survivors of Childhood Cancer: Management of Late Effects


  • Dr. Kit Devine - Educational Interventions for Advanced Practice Nurses: Care for Women of Reproductive Age
  • Dr. Cherie Gaither - Internal Communication and the Effect on Employee Engagement
  • Dr. Sheryl Glasscock – Implementation of Shared Governance
  • Dr. Carol Goss - Building a Preceptor Support System
  • Dr. Nancy Owens - New Graduate Nurse Preceptor Program: A Collaborative Approach with Academia
  • Dr. Peggy Rinehart – Workplace Lactation Support Pilot Project
  • Dr. Lisa Thompson - Implementation of a Senior Leadership Development Course
  • Dr. Gail Springer - Effectiveness of a Pilot Gerontological Nursing Certification Preparation Support Program for Registered Nurses Working in Long Term Care