Radiation Therapy Program Essential Functions

All individuals who apply for admission to the Radiation Therapy Program must be able to perform specific essential functions. Essential functions are the basic activities that a student must be able to perform to complete the program’s curriculum. No applicant who can perform the general education and program’s essential functions, either with or without reasonable accommodation, will be denied consideration for admission.

Essential functions related to general academic work:

  1. Attend scheduled classes and laboratory sessions and be present for examination and testing.
  2. Travel to practicum sites and have mobility within and around the sites.
  3. Assimilate information presented via lecture, handouts, videos, discussions, computer, and/or other educational modalities.
  4. Complete assignments such as written assignments, oral presentations, class participation, examinations, and computer-based activities.
  5. Apply the assimilated information to appropriate clinical situations.
  6. Effectively communicate with faculty, students and other professionals using oral, telephonic, written, and computer modalities in private and group settings.
  7. Make effective use of learning resources at Bellarmine University and affiliated facilities.

Essential functions related to Radiation Therapy clinical activities:

  1. Participate in supervised clinical activities involving walking and standing for eight-hour days.
  2. Demonstrate sufficient visual acuity to monitor patients, input data, read computer monitors and distinguish markings in dim lighting.
  3. Demonstrate sufficient strength to lift, carry and move items weighing up to 40 pounds.
  4. Distinguish and interpret audio signals from equipment.
  5. Demonstrate sufficient upper and lower body strength to move, lift and transport patients.