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Locating Articles Using the "Find It" Button

Sometimes when searching in a Bellarmine library periodicals database like ProQuest or Ebscohost, rather than being provided the full-text of an article you will only be given the option of the "Find It?"button. Clicking the "Find It?" button will lead to one of three possible results:

Result 1: The Full-text of the article online.

Result 2: Information for finding the full-text in a print publication held by the library (a hard copy on the shelves).

Result 3: A link to an interlibrary loan request form to order the document from another library.

Example of Result 1: Full Text Is Available Below is an example from a ProQuest search in which the "Find It?" button results in a full-text online article:

As you can see above, one of the articles provides a link to the full-text of the article , the other two show a link to the abstract and the "Find It?" button. Clicking the "Find It?" button next to item 1 above will check other databases owned by Bellarmine to see if the full-text article can be found. If it can, the article will be displayed in the following manner:



Clicking either the PDF or the HTML link will provide access to the full article online.

Example of Result 2: Item is held by library in print format (hard copy on the shelves)
The search results below are from ProQuest showing three citations. Two have full-text links, one has a link to an abstract and a "Find It?" button.

Clicking the "Find It?" button on the bottom document will display the following screen.

The above screen indicates that the article from the