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Locating Articles Using the "Find It" Button

Sometimes when searching in a Bellarmine library periodicals database like ProQuest or Ebscohost, rather than being provided the full-text of an article you will only be given the option of the "Find It?"button. Clicking the "Find It?" button will lead to one of three possible results:

Result 1: The Full-text of the article online.

Result 2: Information for finding the full-text in a print publication held by the library (a hard copy on the shelves).

Result 3: A link to an interlibrary loan request form to order the document from another library.

Example of Result 1: Full Text Is Available Below is an example from a ProQuest search in which the "Find It?" button results in a full-text online article:

As you can see above, one of the articles provides a link to the full-text of the article , the other two show a link to the abstract and the "Find It?" button. Clicking the "Find It?" button next to item 1 above will check other databases owned by Bellarmine to see if the full-text article can be found. If it can, the article will be displayed in the following manner:



Clicking either the PDF or the HTML link will provide access to the full article online.

Example of Result 2: Item is held by library in print format (hard copy on the shelves)
The search results below are from ProQuest showing three citations. Two have full-text links, one has a link to an abstract and a "Find It?" button.

Clicking the "Find It?" button on the bottom document will display the following screen.

The above screen indicates that the article from the was not found in full-text in any online database. Instead, It provides you with links for finding the hard copy of the journal on the library shelves.

Clicking on the "by title" or the "by ISSN" (a unique number given to a journal title) will check the library's holdings for that title. The following screen from the library catalog will appear:


The above screen shows a record from the library's online catalog. This indicates that the library holds the title The New England Journal of Medicine from 1992-current. In this case, the journal is bound and can be found on the periodicals shelves on level 1 of the library (see map).

Example of Result 3: Item is not held by the library. Request article via interlibrary loan.

Below are some search results from an Ebscohost database:

Result #1 provides a link to the "Find It?" button. In this case, clicking the button results in neither full-text nor a link to its location on the library shelves. You can initiate an interlibrary loan request so the article can be obtained from another library.


Clicking on the Online request form link results in the following screen.

First time users will need to set up an account by clicking on First Time Users before using the system. Once you have set up your account, you will enter your Bellarmine network user ID and password. Further information and details on how to proceed with the interlibrary loan process can be found at the following link: Using Interlibrary Loan.