junior, Exercise Science major with a minor in Nutrition
Aspiring Physical Therapist
Home: San Luis Potosí, Mexico

Mariana has made a home in Kentucky, and found a family on the Field Hockey team, but she didn’t come to Bellarmine to play Field Hockey. It took guts to ask the coach if she could walk-on to the team, and it took hard work to go from a walk-on to a starter by her junior year. That work ethic doesn’t just come out on the field, she makes time to study and get the grades for PT school while on the road, managing the balance beam of the student-athlete lifestyle.


Why Bellarmine?
Coming to Bellarmine for my tour was a different experience, we don’t really do visits when we apply for college in Mexico. It was nice being able to see the campus, the classrooms, talk to some professors, and meet other people who would be in my major. I love the people that I met along the way, everybody was very welcoming, and Bellarmine really felt like home.

What are the people here like?
I know this sounds cliché, but Bellarmine is unique because of the people. I feel like you can go to any college, and you know, the dorms will be the dorms, the cafeteria will be the cafeteria, but the people inside can be very different. I think people here at Bellarmine are extremely welcoming and there’s always somebody willing to be there for you.

Any college jitters?
I was nervous about being on my own. It was scary. But the people that I’ve met, like my first RA, she was very welcoming and she made me feel like I was at home. The people in my dorm, they really welcomed me. I wouldn’t change a thing about my Bellarmine experience, just because it’s shaped me into the person that I am today.

"I was looking for somewhere I can really be myself, somewhere that is a small community because I enjoy being able to talk to everybody. My classmates really try to help each other out. It’s good to know that there’s somebody always supporting you. And your professors are always willing to help you out. It’s just good to know that people are there for you."—MARIANA