Junior, Communication and Design Arts and Technology Double Major
Aspiring Local News Anchor
Home: LOUISville, KY

You know the phrase “a smile that lights up a room?” That might have been coined by someone talking about Molly. She’s always excited. Always ready to talk. Always getting to know new people. She was nervous that being a commuter would impact her ability to get fully immersed in the college experience, but if you met her now, you’d think she must be joking about that. She’s not only an outstanding student, but she claims the Miss Kentucky U.S. International title!


Why Bellarmine?

In pictures, the campus looked fantastic, it looked well-kept, clean. Then I came to visit, and it was just super hospitable. The tour guides were personable and around campus everybody was very welcoming, and I fell in love immediately.

Any college jitters?
Something I was nervous about before starting college was starting out as a commuter. I was afraid that I wasn’t going to make friends and be included in activities, but Bellarmine gave me a lot of opportunities to get out of my comfort zone and network. My anxiety definitely left as soon as I met the Bellarmine orientation team, it all works out. You just have to be willing to be patient and accept the unknown.

On making connections
If I went to a bigger school, I wouldn’t have one on one relationships with the faculty, staff, and professors. All three of those play a huge role in how you get to go into your career field. If you start networking early, you build so many connections throughout those four years, and then they connect you to others and it just spreads like fire.


Walking around on campus is really nice. In the quad, whether it’s your friend or just a stranger that’s another one of your peers they always say hi. I’m always like, “hi, hi, hi, hi” and other people say, “how’s your day going?” and staff respond “how’s your test going?”—MOLLY