Assessment of Candidate Dispositions

Professional dispositions are formally self-assessed and institutionally assessed at each transition point for initial certification candidates and at Transition Points 1 and 3 for advanced candidates (Exhibit 1.3.e). Additionally, dispositions are monitored throughout a candidate's program in that a Dispositions Intervention Plan (DIP) may be developed at any point. The unit's internal database, the Degree Audit Portlet, indicates which candidates have a DIP so that faculty and transition point committees are aware. The institutional assessment, identical to the self-assessment for purposes of comparison, is completed by designated course instructors (Transition Points 1 and 2), and cooperating teachers and university supervisors in the professional semester (Transition Point 3). Individual candidate's DIPs are monitored for evidence of remediation, with unit aggregation of DIP data in terms of frequency, theme, and specific candidate population (Exhibit 1.3.f.1). The unit revised its initial certification dispositions assessment in 2009, changing its data collection focus from a scaled approach (Distinguished, Proficient, Apprentice, or Novice) to "Acceptable" or "Remediation" (Exhibit 1.3.f.2).

Advanced candidates in the Master of Arts in Education (MAED) and Rank I programs self-assess and are institutionally assessed at Transition Points 1 and 3 on an instrument specifically designed for leadership and aligned with the Kentucky Teacher Standards – Advanced Level. Candidates incorporate these data on an individual basis into their PGPs, and are assessed in terms of completion of the instruments (Exhibit 1.3.f.3). The EdS program has its own dispositions self- and institutional assessment aligned with the ISLLC (2008) standards. These data are part of the candidate's PGP as well as the candidate's performance in field placements (Exhibit 1.3.f.4).


1.3.e Dispositions Assessments in Initial and Advanced Programs and Intervention Plan

1.3.f.1 Dispositions Assessment Data 2010-2011 Initial Certification

1.3.f.2 Dispositions Assessment Data MAT Program (2009)

1.3.f.3 Master of Arts in Education and Rank I Dispositions Assessment Data

1.3.f.4 Instructional Leadership and School Administration Dispositions Assessment Data