Bellarmine University / NCATE Institutional Self-Study Report / Standard 1 / Analysis of Feedback from Candidates and Employers

Analysis of Feedback from Candidates and Employers

The unit consistently reviews data from exiting candidates and graduates for program improvement. The unit administers a Candidate Unit Survey (Exhibit 1.3.i.4) to all exiting candidates. A Professional Semester Survey is completed by initial certification candidates, cooperating teachers, and university supervisors, at the end of the professional semester (Exhibit 1.3.i.1.a). An additional source of feedback on candidate proficiencies from the professional semester is the scoring of candidates observed by the Jefferson County Public Schools' Human Resources personnel for "early hire" contracts. These data were provided to the unit for the first time in 2011 (Exhibit 1.3.i.1.b). The unit has just completed its first cohort of advanced candidates in the MAED in Teacher Leadership program and thus completed the first surveys of candidates and employers in January 2012 (Exhibit 1.3.i.3). The first cohort of the EdS program will not complete until summer 2012, with surveys being distributed at that point to candidates and employers (Exhibit 1.3.i.5). Additionally, the unit analyzes results from New Teacher Survey conducted by EPSB. The two most recent survey years, 2007-08 and 2009-10, have been analyzed and summarized for areas of curricular and programmatic improvement (Exhibit 1.3.i.2; Exhibit 1.3.i.2.a; Exhibit 1.3.i.2.b). Every fall, the unit contacts employers of graduates, requesting completion of the Employer/Principal Survey. Over the last three years, employers have responded very positively to our graduates, with a grand mean of 3.41/4.0 on the thirteen survey items (Exhibit 1.3.j).


1.3.i.1.a Follow-up Studies of Exiting Candidates and Graduates and Summaries

1.3.i.1.b JCPS Candidate Feedback from Professional Semester Observations

1.3.i.2 New Teacher Survey (EPSB) Data and Evaluation

1.3.i.2.a New Teacher Survey Results 2007-2008

1.3.i.2.b New Teacher Survey Results 2009-2010

1.3.i.3 Survey of Exiting MAED in Teacher Leadership Candidates

1.3.i.4 Unit Final Candidate Exit Survey

1.3.i.5 EdS Survey of Graduates and Employers

1.3.j Employer Survey Data on Graduates