Data Analysis and Evaluation

Candidate performance data are collected at three transition points: Transition Point 1, Admission to Teacher Education or Admission to Program (advanced programs); Transition Point 2, Admission to the Professional Semester or Mid-Point Review (advanced programs); and Transition Point 3, Exit from Program (initial and advanced programs) (Exhibit 2.3.a.4). Candidates in Option 6: Alternative Certification programs follow the same transition point processes (Exhibit 2.3.a.5). Data are collected by course instructors, from LiveText, from cooperating teachers and building leaders for field and internship experiences, and from candidates' self-assessments (see Exhibit 2.3.b.1-7 links below; Exhibit 1.3.d.1; Exhibit 1.3.d.2; Exhibit 1.3.f.1; Exhibit 1.3.f.2; Exhibit 1.3.f.3; Exhibit 1.3.f.4). Candidate transition point data collected within the unit assessment system are evaluated by the full faculty at each transition point for each program, three times a year: August, December, and May. Each candidate is reviewed and a full faculty decision is made as to whether the candidate may advance to the next transition point. To assist in this assessment process, candidates are first screened through each program's Transition Point Committee, composed of the data manager, program chair and program faculty, who gather pertinent data from a variety of sources including databases, course instructors, LiveText reports, and field evaluations. Each committee then brings its recommendations to the full faculty at designated faculty meetings for discussion and approval. The unit believes that this full-faculty process increases the fairness, accuracy and consistency of its assessment processes in an intentional effort to eliminate bias.


1.3.d.1 Key Assessment Data Initial Certification Programs

1.3.d.2 Key Assessment Data Advanced Programs

1.3.f.1 Dispositions Assessment Data 2010-2011 Initial Certification

1.3.f.2 Dispositions Assessment Data 2009 MAT Program

1.3.f.3 Master of Arts in Education and Rank I Dispositions Assessment Data

1.3.f.4 Instructional Leadership and School Administration Dispositions Assessment Data

2.3.a.4 Key Assessments at Transition Points

2.3.a.5 Option 6 Continuous Assessment

2.3.b.1 Admission Criteria and Key Assessments Used for Entry to Programs

2.3.b.2 Explanation of Data from Key Assessments Used in Initial Certification Programs for TP

2.3.b.3 Undergraduate and MAT Writing Prompt and Interview Admission Data

2.3.b.4 Initial Certification Key Assessment Data for Admission

2.3.b.5 Dispositions Assessment Data 2010-2011

2.3.b.6 Explanation of Key Assessments Used in Advanced Programs for TP 1

2.3.b.7 Advanced Programs Transition Point 1 Key Assessment Data