Policies and Practices

Candidates, cooperating teachers, university supervisors, and building leaders are well informed of the policies, practices, and requirements of field and clinical experiences through handbooks (Exhibit 3.3.e.1, Exhibit 3.3.e.2, Exhibit 3.3.e.3, Exhibit 3.3.e.4), seminars and orientations, particularly the orientation for junior field practicum (fall and spring semesters) and the professional semester orientation for candidates, cooperating teachers, and university supervisors (fall and spring semesters). Professional semester data entry sessions are held for university supervisors to facilitate their use of LiveText and provide support for collecting the range of data required. The Field Placement Coordinator ensures that all cooperating teachers meet state qualifications in order to supervise candidates in the professional semester (Exhibit 3.3.c.1) and maintains evaluation data on successful and unsuccessful placements. The coordinator seeks schools that are able to accommodate more than one candidate to allow the candidates to work together with school personnel in a professional learning community. The coordinator has a major role in recommending the hiring of adjunct clinical faculty (university supervisors) for the professional semester (Exhibit 3.3.c.2; Exhibit 3.3.c.3), and maintains evaluation data on those faculty (Exhibit 3.3.d.1). The unit values feedback from cooperating teachers and university supervisors, offering opportunities for shared feedback sessions as well as individual comments (Exhibit 3.3.d.3; Exhibit 3.3.d.4).


3.3.c.1 State Requirements for Cooperating Teachers

3.3.c.2 Criteria for Selection of Clinical Faculty

3.3.c.3 Matrix of Clinical Faculty Who Supervise Student Teachers in Professional Semester

3.3.d.1 Evaluation of the Bellarmine University Supervisor

3.3.d.3 Sample of Bellarmine Supervisor Evaluation Spring 2011

3.3.d.4 Adjunct University Supervisor Meetings 2010-2011 Recap

3.3.e.1 Initial Certification Field Experiences and Junior Practicum Handbook

3.3.e.2 Professional Semester Handbook 2011-12

3.3.e.3 AAD Advanced Programs Handbook

3.3.e.4 EdS in Instructional Leadership Candidate Handbook