Evaluation of Candidate Performance and Field and Clinical Experiences

Assessment of placements, candidate performance, cooperating teachers, and university supervisors is critical in assisting the unit in promoting experiences that model best practices and appropriate mentoring strategies. Candidates in all initial and advanced programs are evaluated by cooperating teachers, university supervisors, and/or building leaders (Exhibit 3.3.e.1, pp. 41-47; Exhibit 3.3.e.2, pp. 42-51; Exhibit 3.3.e.3, pp. 86-89; Exhibit 3.3.e.4, pp. 19-31). Candidates in the professional semester are evaluated on their dispositions as well (Exhibit 1.3.f.1; Exhibit 1.3.f.2). Data are collected and analyzed for individual candidate progress as well as program improvement (Exhibit 1.3.d.1; Exhibit 1.3.d.2). Initial certification candidates evaluate their field placements each semester using a LiveText form for freshmen and sophomore field hours, a separate form for junior practicum (Exhibit 3.3.f.1), and the professional semester narrative evaluation. These data are used by the unit to determine the quality of the field and clinical placements as well as the cooperating teachers. Finally, all candidates who complete a portion of their professional semester in Jefferson County Public Schools are evaluated on their teaching by Human Resources personnel (Exhibit 1.3.i.1.b). This evaluation is the first step in JCPS's hiring process and is used for early hire decisions.


1.3.d.1 Key Assessment Data Initial Certification Programs

1.3.d.2 Key Assessment Data Advanced Programs

1.3.f.1 Dispositions Assessment Data 2010-2011 Initial Certification

1.3.f.2 Dispositions Assessment Data 2009 MAT Program

1.3.i.1.b JCPS Candidate Feedback from Professional Semester Observations

3.3.e.1 Initial Certification Field Experiences and Junior Practicum Handbook

3.3.e.2 Professional Semester Handbook 2011-2012

3.3.e.3 AAD.Advanced Programs Handbook

3.3.e.4 EdS in Instructional Leadership Candidate Handbook

3.3.f.1 Candidate Evaluation of Junior Field Practicum