Experiences Working with Diverse Faculty

The unit's commitment to diversity and systemic change for equitable education is evident in its efforts to recruit faculty and program candidates representing the diverse makeup of our urban setting in Louisville, a large metropolitan area. The unit has made significant progress in hiring full-time faculty of diverse backgrounds since our last accreditation visit. Currently, twenty-five percent of the unit's full-time teaching faculty are from multi-ethnic backgrounds (Exhibit 4.3.d). New faculty are recruited through national trade media, particularly those marketing to educators of color. An example of our commitment to diversity is the hiring of an African-American faculty in the EdS Instructional Leadership program, from a pool of three applicants of color. The AFTSE ensures that each candidate is exposed to diverse faculty in every program. The university, too, is committed to hiring diverse faculty as well as increasing the faculty's opportunities to experience different cultures with Fulbright Awards, travel and teaching abroad, and events through the Office of Multicultural Affairs (Exhibit 4.3.g.1).


4.3.d Diversity of Professional Education Faculty

4.3.g.1 University Initiatives to Recruit and Retain Diverse Faculty