Qualified Faculty

The unit's highly qualified professional and clinical education faculty are considered to be one of the greatest strengths of the AFTSE and the university. The unit's commitment to developing a high level of candidate proficiency and the "Reflective Learner" is directly connected to the faculty's expertise and passion in teaching, scholarship, service, collaboration, and continuous assessment of performance. Professional education faculty have obtained earned doctorates or possess exceptional expertise and meaningful engagement in scholarly activities. Additionally, professional education faculty have contemporary teaching or professional experiences in P-12 schools. Further information on professional education faculty qualifications can be found in Exhibits 5.3.a.1 and 5.3.a.2 . The wide range of qualifications of the unit's faculty is further documented on curriculum vitae (Exhibit 5.3.a.3).

Similarly, the unit's clinical education faculty are specifically qualified to teach and supervise candidates in university field experiences and the professional semester. These faculty are highly experienced and licensed in the field that they teach or supervise (Exhibit 5.3.b). To ensure that the unit retains highly qualified clinical education faculty the unit employs a systematic evaluation process that consists of a Formative Teaching Evaluation by the dean(s) or department chairs and scores from student course evaluations. Unit expectations, policies, and procedures for evaluating adjunct and clinical faculty are described in adjunct orientations conducted each semester and in the Adjunct Faculty Handbook (Exhibit 5.3.c, p. 18).


5.3.a.1 Unit Full-time Faculty Matrix

5.3.a.2 Unit Adjunct Faculty Matrix

5.3.a.3 Curriculum Vitae

5.3.b Qualifications of Clinical Faculty

5.3.c AFTSE Adjunct Faculty Handbook