Bellarmine University / NCATE Institutional Self-Study Report / Standard 5 / Modeling Best Professional Practices in Scholarship

Modeling Best Professional Practices in Scholarship

The unit recognizes the importance of scholarly work as a significant part of professionalism as well as an enhancement to one's teaching. Professional education faculty demonstrate scholarly work related to their teaching, learning, and their fields of specialization. Scholarship may take many different forms including the following categories: manuscripts (e.g., journal article, book, book chapter, and book review), presentations at conferences, editorial work, and grants. In assessing the overall scholarship performance of professional education faculty, three criteria are considered: (1) the extent of peer review, (2) the quantity of scholarship, and (3) the faculty member's contribution to the scholarship as outlined in the Full-time Faculty Handbook, pp. 89-91. In the past three years the 17 professional education faculty (including the dean) have produced approximately 40 publications in peer-reviewed journals, 4 books, 6 book chapters, 107 conference presentations, and 12 grant awards. Samples of the professional education faculty's scholarly work can be found in Exhibit 5.3.d.


5.3.d Professional Faculty Scholarly Activities