Bellarmine University / NCATE Institutional Self-Study Report / Standard 5 / Unit Evaluation of Professional Development

Unit Evaluation of Professional Development

As an indicator of the unit's emphasis on life-long learning and continuous improvement as professionals, the Full-time Faculty Handbook provides information on the policies, procedures, and practices for professional development (p. 45). Additionally, experienced unit faculty mentor new faculty and provide support for teaching and scholarship as detailed in the New Faculty Mentoring Plan (p. 42, Full-time Faculty Handbook). The University and unit provide opportunities for faculty to develop new knowledge and skills, offering a wide variety of professional development sessions for faculty (Exhibit 5.3.g.1). In addition, the unit provides professional development at faculty meetings on topics such as Common Core State Standards and Senate Bill 1 (Nov. 11, 2011), the use of "clickers" for classroom instruction (Dec. 14, 2011), and using CREDE instructional methods (Jan. 13, 2012; Exhibit 5.3.g.3). Professional education faculty also participate in professional development that meets their individual goals for improvement (Exhibit 5.3.g.2).


5.3.f.2 AFTSE 11-12 Full-Time Faculty Handbook

5.3.g.1 University Professional Development Opportunities

5.3.g.2 Examples of Professional Faculty Professional Developments

5.3.g.3 Faculty Meeting Minutes from January 13, 2012