Unit Facilities

The ATFSE has been housed in Nolen C. Allen Hall since 2006. The building has been updated and remodeled to meet the needs of the ATFSE. Although classrooms are located throughout the building, the unit is housed primarily on the 10,450 square foot third floor of the building. Individual offices are provided for all full-time and adjunct faculty, including personal computers with high speed connectivity to the Internet, university resources and databases. Additionally, the third floor has a conference room. All buildings on campus, including Allen Hall, have wireless connectivity to the Internet. Faculty, staff and candidates have access to a number of professional and instructional resources in the AFTSE: the Professional Resource Room, the Curriculum Room and the Math Resource Room. Over the last three years, the unit has added the Bellarmine Center for Economic Education (BCEE) and the Bellarmine University Regional Assessment Clinic (BURAC) – both of which are available to community partners as well as faculty, staff and candidates. Classrooms in the unit total 4501 square feet, and are designed to meet or exceed all aspects (e.g., size, resources, technologies, etc.) of a standard P-12 school classroom. Each classroom contains a teacher work station with a computer, DVD/VCR player and speakers, interactive whiteboard and projector. There is also a 713 square foot computer lab with 25 computers, a teacher’s work station with a computer, DVD/VCR player, speakers, interactive whiteboard, projector and networked printer. Finally, there is a common student work area in Allen Hall that has six computers and a networked printer.