Unit Resources including Technology

Faculty, staff and candidates are provided a university email account through Microsoft Exchange. This account can be accessed on and off campus though a computer or smartphone. Additionally, each faculty, staff and candidate is provided with server space for storage. Program materials are stored on the server and are accessible to members of the unit through a networked S-drive. All faculty members have a webpage on the Bellarmine website. Bellarmine provides faculty and staff with the course management system BlackBoard to use in their courses. The AFTSE uses LiveText online software to gather and assess candidates’ benchmark/anchor assessments as well as for program analysis and evaluation. Connectivity to the Bellarmine network and associated resources is maintained by 10 full-time staff members in the Information Services Department. An additional six full-time employees at the Information Services Help Desk work with faculty, staff and candidates to ensure their technology resources are operating properly.

The W.L. Lyons Brown Library (Exhibit 6.3.i.2) provides a number of resources and services in support of the unit’s programs. These include the library’s collections, instruction in their use, reference services and collaborations with other libraries to supplement local capabilities. The AFTSE has a liaison to the library to work on faculty, staff and candidate needs. 

6.3.i.2 Bellarmine University Library Resources