Forbes: BU finance professor explains benefit of starting retirement savings early

March 1, 2018

In an interview with Forbes, Dr. Patrick Lach - an associate professor of finance at Bellarmine University - shared his best tip for encouraging people to begin saving for retirement early in their careers.

Headshot of Dr. Lach“Last semester, when I showed my students how much a one-time $5,500 Roth IRA contribution would grow after 45 years, assuming a 10 percent growth rate, a student looked at me with a skeptical look on his face and asked, ‘If this is true, why doesn’t everyone invest?’” Lach told Forbes. “I think if more people knew how much more they could earn by saving early, more people would save.”

Lach was one of several finance experts consulted for the article about how Americans are falling short of retirement goals. Read the full article at

Lach also writes for The Wall Street Journal as a wealth expert. Read his work.


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