Podcast: senior stories - nursing student Isabella Popovich

May 11, 2018


Isabella Popovich, a nursing major from Indiana who graduates from Bellarmine University on Saturday, talked to Bellarmine Magazine's podcast -- The Pineapple -- about how she chose her college and her major.

She planned to attend a large college in her home state, but a campus tour made it seem big and overwhelming. "Then I came here and I just saw how small and compact the classes were and I knew that here I would be a name and not just a number on a spreadsheet," she said.

PineapplePodcastWhy Bellarmine? "For me personally, it was the moment I walked into the chapel," said Popovich. "I've always been a very spiritual person, that's been a big aspect of my life. When I walked in, I just felt this overwhelming wash of 'this is the place. This is where you're meant to be. This is where you're going to succeed.'"

She looked at her parents and said, "This is it. We're going here."

She considered several career paths before settling on nursing, but she always knew how she'd make the choice. "I wanted to make sure it had versatility, stability, and service," she said. "Those were my three big things, and nursing just really covered all of those. And I realized out of the blue, that's what I wanted to do."

Popovich tells The Pineapple that her summer will include getting her nursing license and planning her September wedding.

The Pineapple is a weekly podcast produced by Bellarmine Magazine that provides listeners with exclusive content from the Bellarmine community.

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