First-year student Q&A: Garrett Ferguson

August 2, 2019

Garrett Ferguson

Incoming first-year student Garrett Ferguson, from Louisville, is enthusiastic about beginning his Bellarmine University experience through immersing himself in academics and extracurricular activities related to the field of physics.

He says he sees Bellarmine as the perfect choice to prepare him for graduate work in quantum mechanics. Today, we interview Garrett to get his thoughts on Bellarmine.


Bellarmine University: Why did you pick Bellarmine?

Garrett Ferguson: I picked Bellarmine because my father went to Bellarmine in the '80s, and Bellarmine was the best option for me in terms of academics.

BU: Have you picked a major?

Ferguson: Physics.

BU: What class are you most excited to take your first semester? Why is that?

Ferguson: Intro to astronomy because it’s my first physics class at Bellarmine.

BU: Do you know what you want to do after you graduate?

Ferguson: Yes, I want to go to graduate school for quantum mechanics.

BU: One of the most common ice-breakers on campus is "Tell us your name, major, and an interesting thing about yourself." Do you have an interesting fact or story about yourself you would like to share?

Ferguson: I am learning Icelandic, Norwegian, Swedish and Danish.


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