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Podcast: Bridget Klein, study abroad advisor

Mar 6, 2018
On this week’s episode of Bellarmine Magazine’s podcast -- The Pineapple -- Bridget Klein, Bellarmine University’s study abroad advisor for the past four years, explains the value of pursuing a learning experience in another country.

Pineapple PodcastKlein says the benefits of learning abroad are clear. “When you’re outside of your comfort zone, then you’re challenged, and when you’re challenged, that’s when growth happens,” she said.

She explained that these experiences involve more than taking classes on a foreign campus, and not all involve academic credit. Learning abroad sometimes includes internships, clinicals, service learning or student teaching. For that reason, many who work in her field are rebranding the study abroad experience as ‘learning abroad.’

Klein said the experience can be so life-changing that students sometimes return to her to arrange a second or even third trip abroad. Programs can last anywhere from a week to a semester, or even a full year. Klein is proud that students who learn abroad, regardless of the length of their program, graduate in four years at a higher rate than their peers.

The Pineapple is a weekly podcast produced by Bellarmine Magazine that provides listeners with exclusive content about the Bellarmine community.

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