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Communications Request Form

Project Request Form and Guidelines

Are you a Bellarmine faculty or staff member who needs a brochure, web site, ad or other communication project? Please:

  1. Consult the Project Request Guidelines below and
  2. Complete and submit this interactive Project Request Form.

Project Request Guidelines

The Office of Communications and Public Affairs provides guidance and support for university-related print and web projects while consistently reinforcing the university’s image to the public.

The information and form provided on this site are intended to help you communicate to us your exact project needs, whether it's a print project, brochure, T-shirts, signage, a web site, or advertising.

To ensure the timely completion of your project, please consult us in the initial planning stage.

When beginning to plan a project, please consider the following:
  • Who is my audience?
  • What am I saying?
  • How am I saying it?
  • Why am I saying it?

These simple questions will help you define your audience and the message you want to send, as well as which method will produce the best response.

Project Information

Please have ALL concepts, materials, and content in final form before you submit a Project Request Form. Because these elements are critical for evaluating and scheduling a project, marketing requests will not move forward until complete information is submitted. This does not mean that revisions are prohibited, but they should be the exception.

  • All content submitted must be agreed upon by the client prior to submission unless Communications and Public Affairs is providing the content. Please do not involve our office until the project content has been thought out and agreed upon by all parties involved. Fundamental differences should be worked out prior to the submission of the project request and not at the design stage; however, Communications and Public Affairs is available to provide guidance in the initial planning stages.
  • Collecting and managing content are the responsibility of the client, not the Office of Communications and Public Affairs.
  • Please complete the entire project request form. The more detailed information we receive at the beginning of each project, the faster we can complete each request.
  • Include the quantity for each request. While some quantities may vary closer to the deadline, please submit a fair estimate for the purposes of quoting the printed material.
  • Include the departmental account number to be charged for the job. (Be sure to seek internal departmental approval first.)
  • Communications and Public Affairs reserves the right to make copywriting changes necessary to maintain a consistent university message.
  • While every effort will be made to create a design satisfactory to all parties, Communications and Public Affairs will have final approval.
  • Communications and Public Affairs will provide PDF proofs to all clients for approval before any piece is printed or executed.
  • Communications and Public Affairs reserves the right to reschedule the production of any project if the project materials are not received in a timely manner.

Project Evaluation

Once a marketing request and support materials have been received, you will be notified if a client meeting is necessary.

Project Timing

  • Allow a minimum window of three to five weeks for projects involving external printing. Major projects such as large publications or marketing campaigns may require more time and should be discussed with Communications and Public Affairs in advance.
  • All marketing requests are prioritized upon receipt in accordance with the university’s overall goals.
  • Communications and Public Affairs will make every effort to accommodate requested deadlines but cannot guarantee delivery. You will be notified if your project cannot be completed within the specified time period.
  • It is the client’s responsibility to submit by June 1 of each year a plan that identifies requested projects for the academic year.