Bellarmine University Digital Community Standards

Bellarmine University’s social media pages and other web properties exist to share news, stories, and celebrate what it means to be a Bellarmine Knight with Knights Nation, as well as family, friends, neighbors, supporters and other community members. Creating an inclusive community that fosters critical thought, social responsibility, and integrity is integral to our mission as a university. You may not always agree with things we say or do, or that our Knights say and do – and that’s okay! We welcome discussion and feedback, but we expect civil and respectful discourse.

Content posted on Bellarmine University web properties, such as comments on posts from official social media accounts, comments on university-owned web pages, are subject to policies outlined in the Employee Handbook, Student Handbook and other relevant documents. Students, faculty and staff are expected to follow these guidelines online just as readily as they are expected to follow them in person.

Bellarmine University reserves the right to moderate discussions on university-driven social media accounts and web properties, including content from the general public.

Bellarmine University may screen, hide or delete posts or comments:

  • That are off topic or disruptive
  • That harass, threaten or abuse others
  • That reveal personal information about another person (i.e. doxing)
  • That are commercial advertisements, spam, or calls to support a political campaign
  • Containing links to web pages not related to the discussion, or that put our community in danger
  • That violate or encourage violations of laws or ethical standards
  • Containing profanity or obscene language
  • Containing inaccurate information or misinformation, regardless of intention
  • Containing discriminatory or derogatory content
  • That infringe the copyrights, trademarks or other intellectual property rights of Bellarmine University or any other party
  • That otherwise compromise the safety or security of Bellarmine University community members or members of the public
  • That violate the terms of use or community guidelines of the relevant social media platform

If you have concerns about specific conduct seen on our social network pages or other web properties, you can fill out the content report form to report the particular content and/or user.

Bellarmine University is not responsible for comments or posts made by visitors to our social media pages or other web properties. Visitors who contribute to our social media pages or other web properties are personally responsible for the content they share.

Continued violations, or particularly egregious violations of the above guidelines may result in the poster being blocked or banned, and/or reported to the relevant authorities.

Thank you for engaging with Bellarmine University, and for doing your part to maintain and encourage a lively and respectful environment online. Go Knights! #SwordsUpBU.