Bellarmine University and Kindred Rehabilitation Geriatric Residency

Vision Statement

Create and sustain a geriatric residency program which develops and enhances the skills and abilities of the physical therapist to provide state of the art older adult rehabilitation to a diverse population which enables the therapist to help create a culture of patient centered clinical excellence, community service, research initiative and lifelong learning in the workplace.

The Bellarmine University and Kindred Rehabilitation Geriatric Residency is a patient-centered educational program providing advanced physical therapy clinical training and promoting the application of evidence-based knowledge and skills with emphasis on service and life-long learning. The environment has been created to produce leaders with advanced geriatric rehabilitation training who can make a lasting contribution to their local and professional communities. Through this program, residents and staff will educate, advocate, empower and improve the quality of life of our patients, their families, caregivers, and our community. The program supports the mission of both entities by providing high quality health care and education to all those we serve in a manner that responds to the needs of our communities, honors our faith heritage and celebrates our values.

Our Goals

The Goals of the Bellarmine University and Kindred Rehabilitation Geriatric Residency are to:

  1. Develop advanced practitioners in the field of geriatric physical therapy that meet the needs of patients and clients, their families, and of society.
  2. Develop practitioners who are critical consumers of the literature in geriatric physical therapy and supporting clinical and basic sciences, and who apply the evidence to the development and implementation of patient and client treatment and education programs.
  3. Foster and develop laboratory, classroom and clinical teaching skills in geriatric physical therapy residents.
  4. Foster clinical research and inquiry skills in geriatric physical therapy residents to meet the needs of evidence based practice in physical therapy.
  5. Enhance the resident’s ability to apply advanced knowledge, skill and care in the examination and treatment of individuals with geriatric conditions.  
  6. Provide formative feedback to geriatric physical therapy residents and facilitate guided reflection.
  7. Promote professionalism, community awareness and leadership roles in geriatric physical therapy residents.
  8. Promote and provide continuing education for community leaders in the field of geriatric physical therapy to foster best practice habits as well as active participation in clinical research and excellence in teaching skills.  
  9. Ensure consistent delivery and high quality of education and clinical practice throughout all clinical settings

Residency Requirements

  • Graduate from a CAPTE accredited Physical Therapy program.
  • Comply with all Kindred Rehabilitation employment requirements
  • Current PT license to practice in state of the residency
  • Submission of application form electronically
  • Minimum of 2 letters of recommendation  (1 academic and 1 clinical)

Accreditation Status

Bellarmine University and Kindred Rehabilitation Geriatric Residency is accredited by the American Physical Therapy Association as a post-professional residency program for physical therapists in geriatrics.

Contact Information

Dennis Lesch, PT, GCS
Kindred Rehab Chair for Adult Rehabilitation Studies
Physical Therapy Program
Bellarmine University
2120 Newburg Road NCAH 217
Louisville, KY 40205
W 502.272.8284
C 502.424.7331