Metroversity Information

Bellarmine University is a member of the Kentuckiana Metroversity, a consortium of colleges and universities in Kentucky and southern Indiana.  

Kentuckiana Metroversity institutions include: 

Bellarmine Students Visiting Schools in the Metroversity Consortium

Students who wish to take courses under this program must obtain the Metroversity form here or from the Office of the Registrar and follow the procedures as directed. Bellarmine reserves the right to determine acceptability for credit of courses taken at other institutions.

Students may take a maximum of two courses per fall or spring semester at the other participating institutions provided the combined total of the work at Bellarmine and the other college constitutes full-time status. 

  1. These courses will be treated as part of the student’s normal load at his/her home institution and tuition is paid accordingly. Specific course fees declared by the host institution are paid by the student.
  2. The maximum number of credit hours to be taken as a Metroversity student will be determined by the home institution. 

Registration for courses at other institutions in the consortium is not usually permitted as substitution for courses offered and required at Bellarmine. The opportunity for registration in Metroversity courses exists to enlarge the student’s curriculum selection under free electives, or to enhance a student’s major when related study is not available at Bellarmine.

General Education course requirements and major course requirements for a degree at Bellarmine may not be satisfied through Kentuckiana Metroversity registration unless:

  1. The student can demonstrate a bona fide schedule conflict at Bellarmine University; 
  2. The student’s progress for degree is unreasonably delayed due to Bellarmine’s course schedule; or 
  3. By petition of the student, specific approval for the substitution has been approved through the Dean.

Metroversity registration for the substitution of university courses required in General Education or the major requires only the approval of the Office of the Registrar with the recommendation of the appropriate department chair.

Metroversity Students Visiting Bellarmine

Metroversity students are not allowed to participate in Bellarmine co-curricular programs and activities (Mock trial, special service trips, discipline-specific clubs, etc.), even when they are associated with courses in which students are allowed to enroll. Metroversity students may not enroll in Honors Program and Brown Scholars Program classes, nor earn internship credit through Bellarmine.  Metroversity registration for music courses at Bellarmine is restricted to those courses that do not entail private lessons or small-group instruction. If Metroversity students wish to enroll in a course that involves private lessons, they may apply and register as Visiting Students and must pay regular tuition and fees. The $25.00 application fee is waived.