• Todd Welsh, 5th Dan,  Head Instructor
    Years Doing TKD: 18
  • Eric Voyer, 5th Dan, Head Instructor
  • Barbra Goshko, 3rd Dan, Instructor
    Favorite Technique: Jump Turn Round House Kick
    Motto/Quote: If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you always got.Years Doing TKD: 10

Members by Rank:

  • Amanda Bruce, 1st Dan
    Motto/Quote: “Indomitable Spirit”
  • Ned Berghausen, Advanced Red
  • Phillip Bruce, Advanced Red
    Favorite Technique: Jumping Double front kick
    Motto/Quote: You don’t see the kick that gets you
    Years Doing TKD:  Not enough
  • Michael Bruce, Advanced Red
    Favorite Technique: Roundhouse
    Motto/Quote: What could possibly go wrong?
    Years Doing TKD:4
  • Hunter Bruce, Advanced Red
    Favorite Technique: Ridgehand
    Motto/Quote: I’m awesome
    Years Doing TKD:4
  • Tony Thigpin, Red
  • Jane Imsorn-Francis, Red
  • Megan Jones, Advanced Blue
    Favorite Technique: Jump-Front Ax Kick
    Motto/Quote: Small But Mighty
    Years Doing TKD: 1 ½
  • Corinne Clements, Blue
    Favorite Technique: Palm strike or inside-outside crescent kick
    Motto/Quote: Indeed, the more we find to love, the more we add to the measure of our hearts --Lloyd Alexander
    Years Doing TKD:2
  • Marian Clements, Blue
    Favorite Technique: Jump Axe Kick
    Motto/Quote: Just keep going
    Years Doing TKD: 2
  • Rebecca Ball, Advanced Yellow
    Favorite Technique: Turn Side Kick
    Motto/Quote: You’ll never learn if you don’t try.
    Years Doing TKD: 3/4
  • Corrie Stroup, Advanced Yellow
    Favorite Technique: Butterfly Kick
    Motto/Quote: If you are going to fall, fall right.
    Years Doing TKD:3/4
  • Alaina Chargois, Advanced Yellow
    Years Doing TKD: 1/2
  • Emily McWilliams,  Advanced Yellow
  • Charlie Hahne, Yellow
    Motto/Quote: I’m more awesome than Hunter
    Years Doing TKD: not very long
  • Barry Green, Yellow
    Years Doing TKD: 1/2